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Thursday, February 9, 2012

For the sake of not having to write the same intro a million different ways throughout the rest of time, just know that this column avoids the overly long and sometimes dull process of full film reviews and instead opts to break things down based on what I thought going in, what happened while I was there and what I learned at the end of it all.  Hope that's OK.

Read on!

The Breakdown - Safe House

The Impression:

Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington are thrown in the same movie to take on each other. Or to work together to take on others. Or to take on themselves. Or something.

The Reality:

If you can completely shut off your brain, youíll leave the theater thinking Safe House was OK. After all, it is a well made movie. The car chase that happens in the first quarter of it is particularly good, and thereís another scene at a stadium thatís nifty. It also features the Green Lantern and that guy who won an award for Training Day, and both of them turn in solid performances. Unfortunately, the film is as predictable as can be, and it features a slew of plot choices that defy any sort of logic. Shrugging your shoulders will be commonplace by the time the flick comes to an end.

The Lesson:

Even if you have a couple of stars on the roster, itís not easy to make an action movie that warrants repeat viewings.

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