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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I hate to start this post like a Portlandia sketch, but do you remember the '90s? It was a wandering period populated by a rather aimless youth, but we were all fine with that. When you sort out the fact that boy bands and pop princesses practically dominated that era and dig down to the tolerable side of music, youíll remember that '90s rock was exactly what we needed then to make sure the grounds of music werenít being completely shat on - Iím in full appreciation of that. With that said, Iím all over Taffyís nostalgically Ď90s blend of punkish poppy shoegaze. This quartet of Tokyo revivalists have made quite a craft of a rather easily overlooked period, and itís clear theyíve finessed the sound of the influences being rightly worn on their sleeves. Itís fuzzy bits of pop gems that arenít exactly bubblegum ... but perhaps a little more Taffy.

:Taffy - So Long:

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