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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today's Quick Mention:  How bizarre is it to think there's only 2.5 hours left of LOST?  That fact keeps popping into my head, but I get the impression it won't sink in until the show is totally over.  Here's hoping the finale (don't forget it airs this Sunday!) brings the six-year adventure to a proper end.

Menomena is back!  And that means I can finally stop listening to the more than stellar track that was on their Record Store Day 7"  (a split with The Helio Sequence) and try to move on with my life.  Barsuk will release the veteran act's newest full length on June 8th.  It's called Miners.  You're going to want it.  I'm already fixated with it.  Enjoy.

:Menomena - Five Little Rooms:  First of all, slap on a good pair of headphones.  Secondly, I think it's already pretty well established, but I would just like to reiterate that no one crafts anything like these guys.  This track is a completely strange mix of sounds and oddly paced vocals, but the band makes it all work in a downright brilliant way.  I really can't wait to hear more.

Menomena - Wet And Rusting

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