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Monday, May 17, 2010


Today's Quick Mention:  Did any of you check out the Sleigh Bells album?  My expectations were probably too high, and yet I thought it managed to impress like nothing I've come across all year.  Still though, I'm curious to see if I'm just stuck in all the hype.  Share some thoughts!

It's been about three years since I've heard any new music from Sarah Blasko, so it was a nice surprise when word of her return popped up in an email last week.  Although, technically I'm a bit late since her album was released in Australia a number of months ago
.  Who knew!?  Australians.  That's who.  And apparently they weren't talking.  As Day Follows Night is due August 10.  Enjoy.

:Sarah Blasko - All I Want:  "All I want/Is to one day come to know/Myself"  Admittedly, this is a song that should probably be adored by young girls everywhere and not me - a 26-year old male.  But whatever.  I like it.  Sarah has a great voice, is an expert at layering and I kind of love how transparent her songwriting is.  Check this out with headphones.  And a blanket.

Sarah Blasko - Planet New Year

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