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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Today's Quick Mention:  John Michael is in the midst of finals, so he has unfortunately passed up on posting a column today.  You might get something later this week.  If you're lucky.  For now though, there's more of me!  Aren't you super happy?

No one puts on a show like Tim Fite, so when I received word of him having a new album I immediately figured he'd be hitting the road.  Well, no tour has been announced just yet, but his new full length, which is titled Under The Table Tennis, will be available for the lovely price of FREE on May 18.  You should get multiple copies of it.  Enjoy.

:Tim Fite - We Didn't Warn You:  I'm a sucker for Tim's particular style of humor, so this song (and its rambles about people doing things they've been warned not to do) slaps a big enough smile on my face for me to call it a winner.  However, two other things should be pointed out.  The first is that the choice to use such a fun arrangement was a great one.  It moves this track's "mocking" dial to 11.  Secondly, the last line of the final verse just proves that Tim is that much smarter than you or I will ever be ... "Someday when it's not so bad/We'll all look back and laugh"

Tim Fite - Big Mistake

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