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Sunday, March 14, 2010

For the sake of not having to write the same intro a million different ways throughout the rest of time, just know that this column avoids the overly long and sometimes dull process of full film reviews and instead opts to break things down based on what I thought going in, what happened while I was there and what I learned at the end of it all.  Hope that's OK.

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SXSW Breakdown - Hood To Coast

The Impression:

Runners embark on a epic endeavor from Mount Hood to the coast of Oregon.  Or something.

The Reality:

I went in to this expecting more of a numbers kind of thing (you know, how many compete, how many manage to finish the grueling race, etc), but what I actually got was an incredibly uplifting and entertaining tale about joining together with people and taking on something you'd never be able to do by yourself.  It just doesn't get much better than that, so do yourself a favor and see this as soon as possible.

The Lesson:

Apparently, not all documentaries have to be about dolphin slaughters or other disturbing matters.

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