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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time for your weekly notable news update!  Below you'll find a slew of sentences meant to provide a brief glimpse of what's been going on over the past week in movieland.  If something leaves you desperate for more info then my advice is to do a little extra research on one or all of the following fantastic sites:  Latino Review, Dark Horizons, Ain't It Cool News, CHUD and/or JoBlo.  Now, read on!

Movie News Rundown

Ryan Reynolds may join Denzel Washington in Safe House.  The movie is said to follow a CIA agent trying to transport a criminal to ... a safe house.

Shia LaBeouf is said to be looking at joining the cast of Triple Nine.  Directed by John Hillcoat (The Road), the film is said to deal with a bunch of crooked cops looking to get rid of a fellow officer who stands in the way of them pulling off a heist.

The Next Three Days looks intense.  See the trailer here.

Jeffery Dean Morgan (Watchmen) is set to star in The Courier, which centers around a guy who is the best at delivering packages to shady people.  Exciting!

Terrence Malick is already putting together another project.  No word yet on the plot or title, but Ben Affleck and Rachel Weisz are said to have joined the cast.

How Do You Know has a trailer.  It's pretty cool if you're really girly.

Universal is said to have seriously considered canning Peter Berg's Battleship because of its projected $200 million dollar budget.

Todd Phillips (The Hangover) has acquired the rights to make a John Belushi biopic.

The trailer is poorly produced, but Skyline seems to have some potential.

Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) and Scarlett Johnasson are reportedly very much after the same lead role in Alfonso Cauron's Gravity.

Kevin Smith's Red State finally has a plot synopsis.  The movie will center around a bunch of kids who have a run-in with a crazed preacher.

Reese Witherspoon is set to star in the Peggy Lee biopic for Fox 2000.

Check out the trailer for The Romantics.  Could be a good one.

Andrew Dominik (The Assassination Of Jesse James) is reportedly penning a remake of the amazingly fantastic foreign film Tell No One.  Sad.

There's a rumor floating around that says Warner Bros. hurried plans for a Green Lantern sequel may stop Ryan Reynolds from being able to do a Deadpool movie.

McG is no longer attached to direct R.I.P.D., Ryan Schwentke (RED) is.

Gerard Butler is in negotiations to star in Slide.  The film centers around a father with a troubled past who signs up to coach his son's little league tream.

For those of you that enjoy torture porn, there's a new trailer for I Spit On Your Grave.

Scott Bakula let it be known that a script for a big screen reboot of Quantum Leap is currently being written.

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