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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Today's Quick Mention:  So, yesterday Pitchfork decided to post up a little news tidbit about Joanna Newsom touring ... in Australia.  What!?  Talk about getting me all excited for absolutely nothing.  Here's hoping she decides to pay a visit to North America soon.

After a pretty busy day at work and a not-so-great flick at the Austin Film Festival, I hurried home last night with the sole intention of taking it easy, and the band that helped me accomplish said goal was Letting Up Despite Great Faults.  You can currently pick up either the Momentum EP or their self titled debut full length.  Enjoy.

:Letting Up Despite Great Faults - In Steps:  Sort of strange to point such a thing out and actually mean it as a compliment, but there really isn't much going on for the almost four minutes that this song trots along.  For some of you, I'm sure that's not going to work, but if you have a bit a patience I think you'll really be impressed by the group's minimalstic approach to electronic pop.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Disasters Are Okay

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