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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Today's Quick Mention:  So, what did you guys think of Pitchfork crowning Radiohead's Kid A as the #1 album of the last decade?  Honestly, I've never been a big fan of that band (or juggernaut, if you will), but I'm willing to accept the pick since the Arcade Fire's Funeral was at least in the runner-up spot.

Believe it or not, it's been a week since I've shared any new music.  Did you miss me?  Hope so.  Enjoy.

:King Kahn - Desert Mile:  Whenever I see anything from King Kahn I automatically expect to be treated to a blast of garage-rock enthused bliss.  That is not the case here.  In fact, this song doesn't really rock at all.  It's still good though, so slap on some headphones and give its different style a listen.  This track and many more from a variety of artists can be found on Viva Radio's Best Of Me + You: Volume 1.

:Janelle Monae - Come Alive (War Of The Roses):  "That's when I come alive/Like a schizo running wild"  I may have already forgotten which festival it was earlier this year that catapulted Janelle into the limelight, but I certainly haven't forgotten that enthusiastic, all-out sound that she packs.  You're dead if this doesn't make you move at least a little.  Her new full length is expected out in the first part of 2010.

:The Subjects - Winter Vacation:  Want to know how to tell if you have a great song on your hands?  When, like this one does, it makes feel the need to seek out anything else the band has done that you might have missed.  In other words, after you've spent some quality time with this infectious pop number I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd send over their 2007 debut.  The New Soft Shoe EP is out on ThinkIndie.com now.

:System And Station - Love, Etc:  Part of this could just be my addiction to pop music, but I swear that there doesn't seem to be as many post-rock acts around as there have been in the past. Is it not cool anymore?  I'm really not sure.  But at least we still have System And Station, who have now been trucking along for ten years.  Look for the release of their I'm Here To Kill EP on Latest Flame Records on October 27.

:Built To Spill - Hindsight:  When I first gave this a listen the only thing I wanted to do was lampoon it for sounding like a boring Death Cab For Cutie song.  Obviously, that opinion has changed or I wouldn't be posting it, but you should know that it might take you a couple of playthroughs before you find yourself warming up to its subtle approach.  There Is No Enemy is out now on Warner Bros.

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