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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Today's Quick Mention:  Skipped out on trivia last night in favor of seeing (the first time for me, actually) Modest Mouse at Stubb's.  It was all right, nothing too special.  A lot of my friends said they've never actually seen them do a great show, which I found rather interesting.  Anyone care to share their experiences with the band live?  I'm super curious to know if they've ever had that one mind blowing set.

Listen to this EP while you ponder.  Enjoy.


:Black Cock - A Fast One:  Here's something from a co-worker of mine, who quietly dropped off his band's new album at my desk about two weeks ago.  Previously, he had mentioned the peculiar name of the band and the fact that they had just joined the experimental-heavy roster of Australian Cattle God Records, so I figured I'd be getting something from way out in left field.  And?  Well, I was on the right track, but it isn't as strange as it fierce.  You should expect to be blown out of your chair.  Robot Child With A God Complex is due out later this year.

:Coltrane Motion - The Year Without A Summer:  "If you don't need me/I don't need you"  The last time that this Chicago-based band showed up here at SOTO was way back in May of 2007 when they had a debut packed with fuzzy retro pop tunes.  Now, they have a 7".  The sound here isn't that much different - still fuzzy and sing-a-long worthy - but that certainly isn't a bad thing, and it's nice to see that they're still around.  Datawaslost has the colored vinyl, 75orLess Records has the limited run CD single with remixes.  I say pick them both up.

:Bricolage - Turn U Over:  I've noticed this track floating around on various blogs over the last week or so, but my usual, and admittedly petty, reaction to anyone who uses "U" instead of "You" in a song title is that of instant disapproval.  I mean, isn't that kind of stuff reserved for the worst of the worst artists?  Anyhow, this is actually a pretty catchy little pop tune that's full of youthful energy (probably explains the "U").  Slumberland Records will put out the band's debut LP in May.

:Jonathan Boulet - A Community Service Announcement:  It's no secret that I find some press releases to either be too hilarious or overly far fetched, so you can imagine what I initially thought when I received the one about this artist that confessed how a label was started just to release his music.  That's just crazy.  But, the song is good - in that grandiose folk-pop sort of way - so a crazy, super fan/talent evaluator story to go along with it works.  You can pick up Jonathan's self titled debut through iTunes via Evident Records.

:Bodies Of Water - Dear Boy:  Many of you probably already know, but the Aquarium Drunkard-assembled remake of Paul McCartney's RAM album is up in its entirety.  I think this is the best song on it, but that's probably because I adore Bodies Of Water.  Feel free to decide which one you can't live without, and while you're at consider making a donation to No More Landmines, which helps rid the world of, you guessed it, landmines.

- John Laird -

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