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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hooray for Obama!  I sort of hate to just automatically deem the guy as the cure-all President, but I'd be a liar if didn't say that I'm confident about something positive happening over the next four years.  Can't we just go on and let him start immediately?  At any rate, today I have word on Metric.  In my opinion they've been out of the spotlight for far too long, so I'm really thrilled to see some activity.  First up will be a December tour around Canada with Tokyo Police Club, the Dears and Sebastian Granger And The Mountains, and then sometime next year there will finally be a brand new record that will surely be fantastic.  No word on exact details yet, but the first track (it's also the title of the tour) that's been bouncing around awaits you below.  Enjoy.

:Metric - Help, I'm Alive:  Good news!  This sounds exactly like what many of you are probably already hearing in your head.  Now, I realize that particular bit of news may not be what you're looking for to help add a hint of intrigue to your day, but let's be honest - Metric continuing to make smart indie rock is a very good thing.  I just hope that whatever they put out in 2009 arrives as early in the year as possible since there's no way I'll be able to wait very long to get more of this.

It's amazing how a new song from a favorite group can so easily remind you how much you like them.  Here's Combat Baby, which is actually the first tune that I ever heard from Emily Haines and Co.


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