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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

If you guys are interested in reading even more about Fun Fun Fun Fest then I suggest jumping over to the Austin Sound.  My review and pictures are there along with the same from Doug Freeman.  There's even some commentary from a few of the local artists that were in attendance.  It's seriously good stuff.

Perhaps you can even check it out as you listen to the amazingly tasty EP that I have today.  Enjoy.

:Conquistador - Fruit Loopy:  Everything about this gem and the artist responsible for it is a bit strange.  However, it's also equally awesome.  See, the main brain behind the bizarro-funk jam is known as Alexander Antebi and in addition to being a talented artist he also is participating in a charity event called Movember, which is meant to help raise awareness and money for prostate cancer.  Even better is the fact that Antebi is the World Imperial Mustache Champion, so he is using his facial hair skills to help others.  Awesome.

:Hammer No More The Fingers - ORGY I love what these guys are doing.  Their sound is just straight up indie rock that's laced with energy and dipped in a vat of pure catchiness.  Better yet, the trio also do enough to not actually sound like it's just three dudes pounding away on their instruments; there's a real sense of flexibility and confidence.  The band's self titled album is out in a couple of days, and I would recommend picking it up if you have an itch for some quality indie rock.

:I, Colossus - It's Not Funny:  This song is a little all over the place.  The beginning plays like something very similar to Maroon 5, and then the rest moves all around doing as it pleases with only the words quirky and pop in mind, which is interesting to say the least.  The quartet's brand new album will be out on Afternoon Records, who seem to have an endlessly deep roster of solid artists, on November 27.  My guess is that it will probably be pretty good.

:The Mary Onettes - Explosions It would appear that the US release of this band's album is getting rather close.  I, if you remember, posted about their dreamy sound earlier in the year, so this is honestly nothing more than a word of advice to go out and pick up their Labrador Records effort when it lands on store shelves December 4.  I promise that you won't be disappointed.

:We Are The Willows - Winter Is Almost Over:  It seems as if every time I turn around I have something from Pete Miller in my inbox.  A couple of times this year it's been his work with Red Fox Grey Fox, and now it's his solo project known as We Are The Willows.  Fortunately, this stuff is much softer in its presentation, so the final output is not only different but totally worth your time.  Snatch his EP off his Myspace page if you like what you hear.

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