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Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I'm willing to bet that some of you are still grooving to the Grand National tracks that I excitedly shared yesterday, so I think I'm going to keep that feeling rolling along today with the fuzzy soundscapes of Coltrane Motion.  The duo, which consists of Michael Bond and Matt Dennewitz, have made it their goal to inspire the indie kids to get back to dancing, and that is something that I can get behind.  Sure, those of you who are close to me know that I dare not move in such awkward ways in public, but that doesn't mean I'm not dancing in my head.  Who knows?  Maybe Michael and Matt's new album, Songs About Music, is going to end up being the one that gets these hips moving in the real world and not just in my moderately loopy brain.  Enjoy.

:Coltrane Motion - How To Be:  "Let's play 60s pop star."  This line alone lays out what you should expect from this retro pop gem.  I love how I can almost picture this fuzzed out charmer coming on at some poorly themed prom where it would undoubtedly inspire somebody in the crowd to ask someone way hotter than them for a nice stroll across the dance floor.  Need I say more?  This needs to be heard and loved by all.                

:Coltrane Motion - Twenty-Seven:  If the retro-goodness of the song above didn't get you moving I am fairly certain that this one might.  It's still rather fuzzy, but the beat feels like it was stripped from a hip hop song and it makes a lot easier to bob your head too.  Also, the pace is solid and energetic throughout the duration of the track so you consistently feel like you are being blasted with sound, which means you can't help but get into it.

- John Laird -

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