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Monday, May 7, 2007


Alright, I believe that M.I.A. has officially decided to just toy with us until her new full length, Kala, drops sometime this year via XL/Interscope.  Details on the disc have been pretty sketchy outside of a partial list of contributors that includes: Timbaland, Diplo, Switch, and a few others.  Idolator actually had a track with Timbaland up a few weeks ago, but it was quickly yanked and I never heard anything about it again.  This past week the internet saw the release of a another new one, Hit That, that was believed to be official but was, of course, quickly noted to just be a sort of unreleased gift.  I have absolutely no idea what's going on.  I just know that with every release the music just keeps getting better, hence the I just need to ramble about it post today.  Enjoy.

:MIA - Bird Flu:  Now as far as the public has been lead to believe, this song is actually on the new album.  In some ways it's similar to the sound of Arular but the chaos has been turned up beyond reason and the beat is not as Nintendo-esque.  Instead it's layered with a multitude of effects and voices that will probably make you slightly twitchy during the first couple of listens.  Still, I really like the decision to amp it up, even if it does take a little more effort to decipher what's going on.

:MIA - Hit That:  This song won't leave my head.  I love the slight jab at FEMA, the crisp production, the Wreckx-N-Effect lift, and most importantly, Maya's undeniably sexy swagger.  In fact, I can't figure out whether I should melt or just smile when she says: "Tap tap that bed to the wall/Does this look good to you mister?"  I'm secretly hoping that Kala is full of tracks like this even though I realize that more than likely this isn't on it due to the fact that it probably didn't gel well with whatever else she has planned for our little ears.

- John Laird -

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