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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Yesterday I rambled about Portland's very own Blizten Trapper, and today I am going to continue my love for all things Oregon with a few songs from the brand new PDX Pop Now compilation.  The two disc set, which hit store shelves today, is the fourth in the annual series that is solely focused on the amazingly consistent scene in Portland.  If you would like to hear some rare tracks from the likes of Menomena, Yacht, Colin Meloy, Panther, 31Knots, or some new material from a number of the artists that are currently flying under the radar in the great city, then I believe it would be in your best interest to run out and plop down $7 for a copy.  I know I certainly think it's worth skipping breakfast or lunch for.  Enjoy.

:The Shaky Hands - Soul:  If you still have those Shaky Hands' songs stored somewhere that I shared a number of months ago you may want to revisit them to remember how they were little energetic pop gems.  Here, the energy is still present but it's a little more subdued and geared towards moving along with the steady pace provided by the boy/girl harmonies.  I think it's a nice change and its quickly become one of my favorites by the band.

:Laura Gibson - Come By Storm:  Laura is another artist that was previously rambled about here at SOTO, but unlike the Shaky Hands, she keeps things relatively the same compared to what I posted before.  Fortunately, that is pretty much a good thing since her stellar voice and penchant for interesting arrangements isn't something that I'm too keen on seeing doing differently.  If you still haven't checked out her recent full length then this just may convince you to do so.

:Starfucker - Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second:  I had not heard of this band prior to their arrival in my inbox, but I really like their catchy electronic pop sound.  It's got this smooth beat-heavy instrumentation that I just can't stop listening to due to the fact that it effortlessly sticks in your head and leaves you grooving long after the song has ended.  Count these guys as another band that I need to check out more in-depth.

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