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Thursday, July 19, 2007


If I made a list of bands that I passively enjoy it would definitely have Maritime on it.  I don't really have a particular reason as to why I seem to only find interest in their singles and not their albums, but I'm excited to see if their upcoming release for Flameshovel Records, Heresy And The Hotel Choir, is the one that finally wins me over all the way.  Currently, the LP is set to arrive on October 16, which is a rather quick turnaround considering how it's right on the heels of 2006's We, The Vehicles and a bunch of swirling rumors that the post Promise Ring project was about to become an item of the past as well.  Hopefully, the band's urgency to consistently keep working isn't a sign of any troubles, especially since I'm completely in love with the song below.  Enjoy.

:Maritime - For Science Fiction:  This reminds me a lot of pop rock from the late 90s.  Right as you start to hum along with the catchy songwriting and nod your head to the brisk pace that's set right from the beginning, the song energetically bursts into the chorus and kicks things up a notch.  I find that it makes for a fun experience that, while far from original, is refreshing in its own way since the band is usually a lot more subtle and elaborate with their sound.

Below is the video for Tearing Up The Oxygen, which is from the band's last full full length.  I think the song itself is fantastic enough that it could be played over a blank screen and still be fun, but the quick environment shots and the rotoscoping (albeit a poor man's version) of the band members somehow make it even more charming.


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