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Monday, February 5, 2007


Go Colts!  I'm so relieved that from now on everyone can talk about how many Super Bowls Peyton Manning will win instead of whether or not he will ever win one.  Anyways, let's get on with my ramble about Macromantics, the lady that I have not been able to remove from my head for the last week or so.  The Australian rapper, whose real name is Romy Hoffman, is an incredible talent and even though I shared her with you in Episode 1 of the SOTO Podcast I think she deserves some more attention.  After all she just dropped her album, Moments In Movement, last week on Kill Rock Stars and she has opened my eyes to how Lady Sov may have been my favorite female rapper by default.  Don't expect video game sounds and lyrics about burping below, this shit is real.

:Macromantics - Miss Macro:  "Life is just a big 1-800 booty call"  Macromantics has music that is neat to listen too but where the real quality stuff lies is in the lyrical gems like the one that I just pointed out.  I think it would be difficult for most artists to pull off lines like that without seeming  lame but Romy sounds so confident that it comes off as a matter-of-fact type phrase that makes you wonder why you didn't think of it first.  Lady Sov only wishes that she could create something as bombastic as this.

:Macromantics - Scorch:  It seems highly possible that this song will never get out of my head, I think I have heard if 50 times since I came across it in search of material for my first podcast.  The song itself is insanely catchy so I feel the need to hear it often but adding to that desire is Romy's delivery, which is so fast and effortless that picking out all of the witty things that she says pumps up its replay value.  This is as fun as it gets.

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