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Monday, April 9, 2007


Way back in October of last year I posted a few nice words about the band Saturna and even though I really liked them I never did a full on ramble.  Well, the group is set to release their debut full length, Some Delicious Enemy, on May 29 and since I have had it on repeat this weekend I figured it was time to show the proper amount of love.  The Oregon quartet is made up of Ryan Carroll (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Erik Block (lead guitar), Steve Anderson (bass, backup vocals), and Matt Badger (drums) and, as I mentioned the first time I wrote about the band, they have a fantastic sound that is all at once art-rock, space-rock and shoe-gaze.  Don't be surprised when the songs below momentarily take over you mind.  Enjoy.

:Saturna - Roll Down:  This one kicks off the album and I absolutely love it.  One of the reasons I named my blog Side One: Track One was because I have always felt that the lead song off an album is the most important one since it either kills or peaks a listener's curiosity.  Roll Down is a perfect mix of the various sounds that the band cleverly uses, so in turn it makes for a brilliant way to intro the band.  The fuzzy space-rock is present, the shoe-gaze-esque vocals are loud and clear and there are different art-rock elements sprinkled throughout to give it a little extra umph.  Slap on the headphones and crank the volume for the best sound.

:Saturna - Pop Rocks:  For those of you are familiar with the band you may recognize this song from their EP, All Night, that came out last year.  On that EP and the upcoming LP this song very much stands out as the guilty pleasure track.  It has a slick modern rock sound that will inevitably remind you of something that should be blasting it's way off your local radio station's playlist.  I think every band should have songs that are this fun in their catalog.  Feel free to try out your sexy rock moves.

- John Laird -

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