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Friday, October 13, 2006

The cover songs I posted last week garnered a lot of downloads but very few comments, which, is a shame as I was hoping to understand why people love or loathe certain cover songs.  Since I didn't get what I was looking for I am going to just have to over think it myself while you listen to this weeks roundup of buzz bands.  Enjoy your weekend and don't try any sort of crazy sex in the woods today or some crazy guy will probably try to hack you up into small pieces.

Friday EP Vol. 6

:Albert Hammond Jr - Cartoon Music For Superheroes:  Man was I wrong to doubt Albert.  For whatever reason I was pretty convinced that his solo effort wasn't going to be very good but this song makes me realize that I should of had more faith.  I really like how Albert has put together a very accessible sound that is a mixture of melancholy and indie pop, definitely give this a shot.

:Saturna - Springboard:  This Portland, Oregon band has me all worked up and I think it is because of their style of fuzzed out indie rock that blends in different elements of art-rock, space-rock, and shoe-gazing.  To top it off a lot of people are favorably comparing them to The Jesus and Mary Chain, which, is totally accurate and should merit a listen all on it's own.

:The Bird And The Bee - Fcking Boyfriend:  Inara George.  I am telling you now that this is a name that you need to memorize.  I am not sure that this song would be that cool if she wasn't singing it, her voice is amazing.  I should also note that it doesn't hurt having some awesome electronic pop music to accompany all of her witty lyrics.  My favorite thing about this song is how it manages to be sweet and in your face at the same time, give it a listen to see exactly what I mean.

:The Blow - Pile Of Gold:  This song is amazingly good.  At first I thought it was all of the finely crafted electronic goodness pounding throughout the song that made me want to listen to it on repeat but after about the fifth listen I realized that it was Khaela Maricich and her vocals that were making me re-visit the song.  Pile Of Gold is very much a guilty pleasure type track and it is my favorite song in the EP this week so if you pick one, pick this one.

:The Mary Onettes - Lost:
  This song feels ripped right out of the mid-80s and I love every second of it.  There are so many bands that try to capture an era in their sound but most of them screw it up and end up coming off as a poor rip-off.  The Mary Onettes do not have that problem as they nail their inspirations right on the head.  Give this a listen as soon as possible.

- John Laird -

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