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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

- Joanna Newsom - Houston, TX - The Orange Show -

Last night was the most beautiful show that I have ever attended.  It was in the middle of Houston at the most strange and wonderful venue/art museum, The Orange Show, and it was one of the coldest and clearest nights that this region has seen this year.  I thought it was impossible to look up and see the stars in one of the smoggiest cites in the U.S. but last night I was able too, that is how perfect of a night it was when Joanna Newsom put on an unforgettable show.

- Bill Callahan -

Bill Callahan has an incredible voice; as the night was beginning to significantly drop temperature-wise his voice effortlessly cut through the cold air.  In fact his voice was so fantastic that the crowd was completely tuned in too Bill, which, is pretty amazing given that most openers have at least some chatter going on throughout their set.  I certainly was turned into an admirer as I listened to Bill and watched Joanna look on with an enormous amount of respect, I am going to be checking out more of Bill and his band, Smog, as soon as I can so if you have any recommendations as to where I should start then feel free to clue me in.

- Joanna Newsom -

Bridges And Balloons/Sadie/Peach, Plum, Pear/Emily/Monkey & Bear/Sawdust & Diamonds/Only Skin/Cosmia

As shown by the set list Joanna only played three songs from her last album and instead concentrated entirely on Y's.  I actually thought this was pretty great but since she just happened to play my favorite songs from The Milk-Eyed Mender I can't help but to think that there were probably some people in attendance who would have liked to have heard more than three.  In any case that is not really something to be upset at given that Joanna, and the band that joined her for Y's, were spectacular throughout the new songs.

Outside of the amazing music that was on display last night the main highlight of the show was Joanna's unique voice.  I was expecting it to sound similar to what her albums sound like but it was even more captivating then I could have imagined, she really is something special.

I am not sure what else that I should tell you that will convince you to go out and see Joanna.  If you want to hear beautiful music then you need to get out and see her regardless of whether or not you are familiar with either of her albums, it's just one of those shows that needs to experienced.

On a side note, Joanna said that The Orange Show is her favorite venue in "the whole wide world" and after last night I would like to second that, if you ever get a chance to go do not pass it up!

:Joanna Newsom - Emily:

:Joanna Newsom - Peach, Plum, Pear:

- John Laird -

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