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Virgin Of The Birds

March 25, 2014


Once upon a time Virgin Of The Birds was actually an Austin-based act.  Unfortunately though, main brain Jon Rooney decided he didn’t want me following him around anymore, so he packed up and moved out to Seattle.  Bummer!  But at least he’s still churning out great songs, right?  Jump below and check out his latest single.  I promise that you’ll find it to be overwhelmingly charming.  Enjoy.

:Virgin Of The Birds – Every Revelry:

Winter Seeds is due out April 7 in the UK via Song, By Toad and on April 8 in the US via Abandoned Love.

Bonus Video:

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Quickdraw: Wampire, Vampire Weekend, Majical Cloudz, Virgin Of The Birds, Eluvium

May 6, 2013


Today’s music was raised by wolves.  Enjoy.

:Wampire – Trains:  I really dig this song.  It’s a breezy, charming pop effort that I imagine will turn the majority of you into Wampire fans.  Here’s hoping their upcoming LP has more of the same.  Curiosity is due out May 14 via Polyvinyl.

:Vampire Weekend – Ya Hey:  I’ll give it up to Vampire Weekend, they’re upcoming album is looking like it will be one of the year’s best pop releases.  Every song released so far has been pretty great.  Modern Vampires Of The City is due out May 14 via XL.

:Majical Cloudz – Bugs Don’t Buzz:  I recently saw Majical Cloudz perform, and it made me realize they shouldn’t be experienced with a crowd.  Their work is intimate stuff, so if you’re going to spend some time with it (and you should), use headphones.  The highly anticipated Impersonator is due out May 21 via Matador.

:Virgin Of The Birds – Make Me A Witch:  Here’s one from an act that’s long been a SOTO favorite.  Main-brain Jon Rooney really knows how to do lo-fi pop, so don’t be surprised when this track quickly wins you over.  The Summer Palace EP is available now on Bandcamp.

:Eluvium – Happiness (Featuring Ira Kaplan Of Yo La Tengo):  This is a beautiful song, but I’ll admit it’s a terrible choice for a post on a Monday.  No one wants to start their week with an intricate eight-minute wad of emotion.  Still, it’s too good to not share.  Nightmare Ending is due out May 14 via Temporary Residence LTD.

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