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TV Girl

June 10, 2014


After years of putting out singles and EPs, TV Girl have actually readied a debut full length.  Granted, the use of the word debut is shaky in this instance, but I think it’s worth letting slide since the band had a founding member (Trungo Ngo) call it quits.  So technically, if you ask me, they have a new lineup.  And when you have a new lineup with news songs, then a debut is totally possible.  Or something.

Anyhow, TV Girl’s new LP, French Exit, is available now for FREE via their Bandcamp.  Like all of the music they’ve put out over the last handful of years, it’s totally rad retro pop.

:TV Girl – Birds Don’t Sing:

Bonus Video:

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Quickdraw: Chvrches, TV Girl, Smith Westerns, Pure Bathing Culture, Shark Week

May 28, 2013


Today’s music ain’t got no time for that.  Enjoy.

:Chvrches – Gun:  I’m not sure this if is a better single than Recover or The Mother We Share, but it’s certainly dancier than those two songs combined.  Try not to pull anything, OK?  Chvrches are all set to release the Gun single on July 15 via Virgin/Goodbye.

:TV Girl – She Smokes In Bed:  While browsing the web completely hungover and thinking I might die, I came across this new song from TV Girl.  It made things better.  They’re such a good pop act.  The band will put out the Lonely Woman EP on June 18 via their Bandcamp page.

:Smith Westerns – 3AM Spiritual:  As is always the case with the Smith Westerns, this is a song with a really pretty sound.  I recommend headphones just so you can hear all of its glorious little details.  Soft Will is all set to be released on June 25 through Mom + Pop.

:Pure Bathing Culture – Pendulum:  I wasn’t exactly a fan of this track when I first gave it a listen, but it’s grown on me as I’ve spent more time with it.  Just took me a bit to appreciate how well crafted it is, I suppose.  Moon Tides is due out August 20 via Partisan.

:Shark Week – Go West:  Here’s a new single from a band that played SOTO’s SXSW day party, DC VS Austin.  It’s got a spaghetti western thing going on that I really dig.  The band is set to put out the Santurce 7″ on July 30 via Analog Edition Records.

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Top 50 Songs Of 2012: Part 5

November 30, 2012


It’s Friday, which means we have arrived at the end of my Top 50 Songs Of 2012 list!  I hope you’ve had a good time perusing the previous 40.  In case you somehow missed this little bit of info, I chose the songs from the 400+ tracks that I shared around here throughout the last 11 months.  Enjoy.

10)  :Icona Pop – I Love It:  Much of my 2012 was spent looking to this electropop number for a burst of fun.  I just kind of adore how obnoxious it is.  From the Nights Like This EP.

09)  :Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built:  I think it’s safe to say that with this song, Japandroids are now officially the band everyone looks to when they’re in need of an anthem.  From Celebration Rock.

08)  :David Byrne And St. Vincent – Who:  This track is focused pop madness, and to be honest, that’s exactly what I was hoping the David Byrne/St. Vincent collaboration would unleash onto the world.  From Love This Giant.

07)  :Ellie Goulding – High For This (The Weeknd Cover):  Every year there’s a cover that I can’t get enough of, and in 2012 it was Ellie’s sensual take on this Weeknd track.  I highly recommend headphones.  And booze.

06)  :TV Girl – I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now:  There’s going to come a year where I don’t get an incredibly catchy and charming retro pop track from TV Girl, and then I’ll immediately become cranky and constantly reference the “good old days.”  From The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle.

05)  :Tame Impala – Elephant:  Of the 50 songs on this list, this is my favorite to try and ruin my speakers with.  It’s actually flaunting some attitude, which is something I didn’t think Tame Impala had in them.  From Lonerism.

04)  :MS MR – Hurricane:  2012 featured a ton of good music that was 90s-enthused, so you know it means something when I say that I found this MS MR song to be the best of the bunch.  From the Candy Bar Creep Show EP.

03)  :Dum Dum Girls – Lord Knows:  This band is so very good, and it’s all because Dee Dee continues to be one of the best songwriters around.  Just listen to the lyrics in this incredible song for proof.  From the End Of Daze EP.

02)  :Twin Shadow – Five Seconds:  I wanted to not use the word “infectious” anywhere in this list, but that’s just exactly what this 80s throwback is.  Good luck trying to ever escape its grasp.  From Confess.

01)  :Purity Ring – Fineshrine:  When I sat down to map out this year’s 50 songs, I already knew what would be in this spot.  That’s actually never happened before, and I give all the credit to Purity Ring, who created a song that’s as fantastic as can be on all fronts.  I will love this track forever.  From Shrines.

PS – You can check out the entire list on one page here, or the majority of the songs here on Spotify.

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