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Throwback Thursday: Spoon

June 12, 2014


“Spoon Fork Over New Song” is a headline I saw earlier this week, and it immediately made me roll my eyes.  On one hand I’m happy that the band has ascended to a level of popularity that warrants bad puns, but it also in some weird way made me want to return to the early-2000 days of Spoon.  So, here I am, making them this week’s Throwback Thursday.

My initial plan was to #TBT to Kill The Moonlight, but instead I rolled with Gimme Fiction.  I love the former, but it’s hard to not want to spend some quality time with I Turn My Camera On and I Summon You.

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Throwback Thursday: Kanye West

June 5, 2014


This week’s Throwback Thursday is dedicated to Kanye West, who rolls into Austin this weekend to perform at the X Games.

To be honest, revisiting Late Registration would probably be more fun for me (I’ll always love that album), but instead we’re going all the way back to his 2004 debut, The College Dropout.  I remember not being a big fan of the album until finally catching the video for Jesus Walks on MTV.  The rest of it then clicked, and I’ve been a Kanye fan since.  Big thanks to MTV, I think that was probably the last time they did anything useful for me … but I guess that’s a #TBT topic for another week.

In any case, hit play and let The College Dropout flow out of your speakers as you remember when Kanye’s ego was huge but not incomprehensibly enormous.

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Throwback Thursday: The Hold Steady

May 29, 2014


Separation Sunday and Boys And Girls In America are the only two albums that people ever talk about if you bring up The Hold Steady, and I think that’s just silly.  So for this week’s Throwback Thursday we’re going all the way back to the band’s 2004 debut, Almost Killed Me.

Honestly, it’s my favorite Hold Steady release.  Positive Jam is still one of my top “side one, track ones” ever, Barfruit Blues, The Swish, Knuckles and Most People Are DJs feature some of Craig Finn’s best rambling rock moments, and when it comes to slow jam anthems, it just doesn’t get better than Certain Songs and Killer Parties.

If I’m lucky, one day The Hold Steady will tour and just play Almost Killed Me and then I’ll be able to die happy.

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Throwback Thursday: Mineral

May 22, 2014


I’ve had Mineral on the brain since they first announced a handful of reunion shows a few weeks back, but since they’re now confirmed for Fun Fun Fun Fest it would appear to be the perfect time to make their two classic albums, The Power Of Falling and EndSerenading, a Throwback Thursday post.

Oddly enough, I didn’t actually catch either of the albums when they were released in the late 90s – it wasn’t until around 2004-5 that Mineral fell into my lap.  I have no idea what I had to be so emo about during those days, but I definitely remember spending a lot of time in college just feeling like I was greatly relating to both albums.

Got a Mineral memory?  Share it in the comments section.

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Throwback Thursday: Saddle Creek

May 15, 2014


My Throwback Thursday for this week is the Saddle Creek 50 compilation.  Put together to celebrate the label’s 50th release, the effort has two songs (an album cut and one exclusively for the compilation) from each band that was on the roster in 2003.

Saddle Creek 50 helped jump start my still-strong love for the label.  At the time I was only aware of Cursive and Bright Eyes, so it was fun to discover both of their side projects - The Good Life and Desaparecidos – along with other stellar acts like Rilo Kiley, The Faint, and Azure Ray.  And they were all signed to the same roster!  Definitely an exciting time for the “just figuring out indie music” version of me.

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Throwback Thursday: And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

May 8, 2014


Just about 97% of what we post here at SOTO is directly out of the pile of music that’s as new and fresh as can be.  Now, I love that about the site, but I figured I’d maybe bump that down to 95% with a steady stream of Throwback Thursday posts.  Look for them every week, and let’s do some reminiscing together.

Since And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead are set to take the stage at the Mohawk tonight to play 2002′s Source Tags & Codes in its entirety, that album seemed like the best choice for the first Throwback Thursday post.

I’ll never forget how Source Tags & Codes scored a 10 from Pitchfork. I didn’t even read Pitchfork then, but I still remember that review being something that validated the album.  Only, it didn’t actually need any “official” critical praise, it’s an awesomely fierce effort regardless of what anyone thinks.  But hey, when you’re young and impressionable things like perfect scores from some website are important, I guess.

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