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John Wesley Coleman And The SOTO Theme Song

March 4, 2013


Recently I was browsing Facebook, and I noticed that a local artist by the name of John Wesley Coleman was offering up custom songs for $10.  I’ve been a fan of the guy for a while, so I did what any person with an extra $10 would do and I commissioned him to make a SOTO theme song.  What resulted was some sort of bizarre, yet oddly catch psych tune that I really dig.  Do me a favor and listen to it.

:John Wesley Coleman – Side One Track One Theme:

By the way, I highly recommend checking out JWC’s other stuff.  You can even listen to some of the songs he’s done for other people on his Facebook page … which will hopefully give you an idea of something you’d like for him to do for you.  It only takes an email and $10!

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