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The Spyrals (Noah)

February 12, 2014


The first time I saw The Spyrals I was sitting on fake grass inside in an indoor treehouse. There was beer served out of a kitchenette and The Spyrals played a rollicking set of garage rock that hew closely to the beats and bops of the 1960s. This was years ago, when garage rock was still the defining characteristic of San Francisco, where every show was in a shitty warehouse and every band was tearing through sets of the simplest, most enjoyable sort of rock ‘n’ roll and this set, dimly lit under orange spots, still sticks out. The Spyrals were certainly indulging in the renaissance of the pulsing, gritty 60s garage scene, but they were doing it with a sort of cleanly professionalism that lifted them out of the mass of music I indulged in back then. It’s nice to know that The Spyrals are still doing what they do best. Though they haven’t released anything since their 2013 album Out of Sight, they’ve been banging around the Bay Area playing shows that continue to push their thrumming rock ‘n’ roll to the next level and if Out of Sight is any indicator, The Spyrals are just getting better.

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