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Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

October 13, 2017


The month of October typically leads me to drop a list of Halloween classics to scare your friends away from your booze during that swanky costume party, but I decided since I had done it so many times already I would instead opt for shameless self-promotion. If you never noticed before, I host a show called NO CONTROL Radio – it’s old school, terrestrial radio, late night and it jams, but I also decided a few years back to go into podcasting, with a good friend of mine nicknamed Godless, and start putting band interviews there. We feel that we do a pretty good job, not only talking to artists, but choosing the best of the best to talk to and about. We podcasted for a website for a few years, but struck out on our own in 2017 with THE METAL PODCAST.  We have a new episode pretty much every Monday with the brightest metal people in the genre talking about some of the darkest things you can imagine. I am pretty proud of it honestly, and this month I included a playlist of just the last few bands we interviewed on our proverbial couch. Check out the tunes and if you like them, listen to the interesting interviews behind them at

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