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Stream This

October 31, 2014


From the depths of the SOTO inbox, I present to you your weekly serving of the latest and greatest album streams and videos.  Enjoy.


Please note that the majority of the streams expire as soon as the albums are released, so don’t wait too long to check them out.

ALBUM OF THE WEEK ➡ Deerhoof – La Isla Bonita

Happy Diving – Big World
Dirty Beaches – Stateless
Trans Upper Egypt – Self Titled
Les Sins – Michael
Deptford Goth – Songs
CHLLNGR – Form Of Release
Grouper – Ruins
Neil Young – Storytone
Bob Dylan – The Basement Tapes Complete: Bootleg Series – Volume 11



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Quickdraw: Night Drive, Party Supplies, Hungry Cloud Darkening, Sheer Mag, The Mantles

October 13, 2014


Music!  Enjoy.

:Night Drive – Young Rivals:  Here’s a new one from the Austin/Houston-based Night Drive.  It’s a really nicely produced track that features a good hook and plenty of synths for those of you who like to dance the night away.  The Young Rivals single is available now via Sound Control Records.

:Party Supplies – The Light In The Addict (Featuring Action Bronson And Black Atlass):  If I were to make a list of reliable pairings, near the top would be Party Supplies with Action Bronson.  Hopefully you dig slow jams, because that’s what this song is.  For now it would appear that this is a one-off, so grab it while you can.

:Hungry Cloud Darkening – I Am Seen:  During a rainstorm on Saturday I fumbled across Hungry Cloud Darkening and found them and their music to be a perfect fit for that moment.  Does this mean you’ll need rain to dig it?  Nope.  But I do recommend a window to stare out of while Allyson Foster’s soft voice gently floats out of your speakers.  Glossy Recall is out now via Off Tempo.

:Sheer Mag – What You Want:  I think Pitchfork’s “tracks” section has taken a dip in quality in 2014, but it’s possible they may have just righted the ship by uncovering Sheer Mag.  This song is riffy, fuzzy and inspired, and I totally love it.  The What You Want 7″ is available now through Bandcamp.

:The Mantles – Memory:  I love The Mantles, so I pretty much cheered out loud when I saw this new single sitting in my inbox.  It feels/sounds like an extension of last year’s excellent Long Enough To Leave, and that is just exactly what I wanted from it.  The Memory 7″ is due out December 2 via Slumberland/Les Disques Steak/SDZ.

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Top 25 Albums Of 2013: Part 2

December 12, 2013


Here’s another 10 of my favorite albums of 2013.  Jump back tomorrow for the top five on my list!  Enjoy.

15) Polica – Shulamith

If you’re pessimistic and happen to remember how high my expectations were for Polica’s Shulamith, then you might look at this “middle of the pack” placement and call the album a disappointment.  Believe me though, that would be silly.  Lots of great tracks to be had on this one.

:Polica – Chain My Name:

14) The Mantles – Long Enough To Leave

If I had things my way, everyone would start including the Mantles in the first wave of bands that roll out of their mouth whenever the Bay Area comes up in conversation.  Long Enough To Leave is loaded with very catchy retro pop tunes.

:The Mantles – Hello:

13) The Octopus Project – Fever Forms

The Octopus Project have long been a solid act, but I think Fever Forms is proof that they’re actually a great one.  I’m excited to see where they go from here.

:The Octopus Project – Whitby:

12) Diarrhea Planet – I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Only one album in 2013 actually made me want to throw up rock horns in a non-ironic way, and it was Diarrhea Planet’s I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.  Listen loud.

:Diarrhea Planet – Separations:

11) Haim – Days Are Gone

The girls in Haim have been making music for most of their lives, so of course Days Are Gone is packed with some of 2013′s better crafted pop songs.  On another note, this album is a sing-a-long lovers dream.

:Haim – The Wire:

10) A Giant Dog – Bone

Pop punk is fun stuff, but I usually wear the albums out and then promptly shuffle on to something else.  This didn’t happen with A Giant Dog’s Bone though, the songs are too good to just let go of.

:A Giant Dog – All I Wanted:

09) Kanye West – Yeezus

Kanye West’s Yeezus is such an intense album that I can’t listen to it on a regular basis.  With that being said, I think it’s a stellar piece of work from one of the biggest, most interesting pop stars on the planet.

:Kanye West – New Slaves:

08) Thee Oh Sees – Floating Coffin

Thee Oh Sees release so much music that I always move on to whatever new thing they’re doing instead of allowing the “old” effort to settle.  Floating Coffin managed to hook me though, and I plan on jamming the gloriously kinetic album for years to come.

:Thee Oh Sees – Maze Francier:

07) FIDLAR – Self Titled

FIDLAR seem like an act that could fizzle out at any moment, so I’ve been loving them while I can.  Their self titled debut is as catchy and loud as I hoped it would be when the band first popped up on my radar last year.

:FIDLAR – Cheap Beer:

06) Sigur Ros – Kveikur

I didn’t think Sigur Ros had a bombastic post rock album in them at this point, but Kveikur is just that.  If their last few efforts were too far out in left field for you, then this one should win you back.

:Sigur Ros – Kveikur:

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Stream This

June 14, 2013


The SOTO inbox is always full of cool stuff that never gets to see the light of day on the actual site, and I’d like to change that.  So, every Friday I’ll be posting the best album streams and videos that were sent my way during the week.  Take a scroll and find something worth remembering.


The Mantles – Long Enough To Leave
Hospital Ships – Destruction In Yr Soul
High On Fire – Spitting Fire
Quasimoto – Yessir Whatever
Melt Yourself Down – Self Titled
Sigur Ros – Kveikur
Empire Of The Sun – Ice On The Dune
Action Bronson And Harry Fraud – Saaab Stories
Lemuria – The Distance Is So Big
Austra – Olympia
Vacation – Candy Waves
Beach Day – Trip Trap Attack
Heliotropes – A Constant Sea


Polica will put out Shulamith out later this year on Mom + Pop Records.

Hebronix will release Unreal on July 9 via ATP Recordings.

Pure X recently put out Crawling Up The Stairs on Acephale.

Boyfrndz will release Natures on July 16.

Young Galaxy’s Ultramarine is out now.

Hooded Fang’s Gravez is available now.

Mum will release Smilewound on September 17 via Morr Music.

The Uncluded recently released Hokey Fright on Rhymesayers.

Blue Hawaii’s Untogether is out now on Airbus Records.

Water Liars’ Wyoming is out now.

Sombear will put out Love You In The Dark on July 23 via Trans-Records.

Quilt have a 10″ split with MMOSS titled New Hampshire Freaks that’s out now.

Dungeonesse’s self titled album is out now.

Kisses’ Kids In LA is out now.

Black Sabbath recently released 13.  They play the Frank Erwin Center on July 27.

Angel Haze recently put out the No Bueno single.

Maps And Atlases’ Beware And Be Grateful is available now.

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The Mantles (Noah)

June 5, 2013


The Mantles confuse me. This isn’t surprising, I’m easily confused, but in terms of San Francisco musical talents, The Mantles probably confuse me the most. I blame this almost entirely on a lengthy period in both my musical adoration and the San Francisco scene’s evolution where everything (at least everything I was getting pumped in to my ears) was loosely defined as “garage rock”. Everything was a little fuzzy, everything was a little jangly and for a moment The Mantles fit right in. They had jangle, they had fuzz, and I lumped their sound in to the broad swath of every other musical act that helped to paint that sonic picture.

Now, only a few years, later, The Mantles sound, well, different. Instead of the grimy garage I’d grown used to, they’ve stripped away the grit, and what remains is a cleaner, poppier remainder. Some bastard child of the band I remember and a melodic bit of downer-pop that just strutted in to the studio and took right over, leaving the band that I admittedly remember incorrectly, on the curb. That said, I’m glad the band The Mantles has become is so different from the band I badly remember. Where I couldn’t pull a single track name out of the blur of garage I originally was so sure The Mantles were part of, Shadow Of Your Step is a beautiful, bit of drifter-rock, and both Brown Balloon and Hello are mature bits of pop with just the slightest hint of garage’s crunchy guitar clinging to their side. The Mantles I wrongly remembered might be gone, but if this is the band that fills that void, then, well, change is all for the better.

:The Mantles – Shadow Of Your Step:
:The Mantles – Brown Balloon:
:The Mantles – Hello:

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Quickdraw: Bass Drum Of Death, Lemuria, Braids, The Mantles, Elle Goulding

June 3, 2013


Today’s music is brought to you by me.  Enjoy.

:Bass Drum Of Death – Crawling:  This fuzzy track is loud and catchy, and I really like it.  If you’re feeling like you may soon need a new rock record to soundtrack your summer, I think Bass Drum Of Death may be able to deliver.   The band will release their self titled album on June 25 via Innovative Leisure.

:Lemuria – Chihuly:  I want to grab Lemuria, return to the 90s, and then watch as they just totally rule the world for a while.  Who has a time machine?  Get The Distance Is So Big when it’s released on June 18 via Bridge Nine.  The band will play the Mohawk on June 15.

:Braids – In Kind:  As was the case with Braids’ last single, this is six minutes plus of superbly crafted art rock.  Hopefully that’s your thing, or this might be the song that drives you insane.  The In Kind // Amends 12″ is due out June 11, and the Flourish // Perish full length is expected on August 20 via Arbutus/Full Time Hobby/Flemish Eye.

:The Mantles – Shadow Of Your Step:  I was already excited to check out the Mantles’ upcoming album, but this garage pop gem has officially pushed me into can’t wait territory.  Guess we’ll see how it turns out when Long Enough To Leave gets released on June 18 through Slumberland.

:Elle Goulding – Tessellate (Alt-J Cover):  If you haven’t noticed by now, no one covers a song like Elle Goulding does.  She should just do an entire album of covers.  I’d buy it.  Twice.  This is a one-off effort, so grab it while you can.

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Quickdraw: Club 8, The Orwells, Tim And Adam, The Mantles, MS MR

May 13, 2013


Today’s music was forged in the fires of Mount Doom.  Enjoy.

:Club 8 – I’m Not Gonna Grow Old:  For those of you who have spent the first five months of 2013 impatiently waiting for someone to deliver a stunning disco-enthused pop song, expect this Club 8 effort to make your day.  Their new LP is titled Above The City, and it’s due out May 21 via Labrador.

:The Orwells – Other Voices:  Apparently for their upcoming EP, this up and coming act wrangled TV On The Radio’s David Sitek as a producer.  Nicely done.  As for this song, it’s loud and entertaining, and I really like it.  The band will put out the Other Voices EP on June 25 via East End/Canvasback.

:Tim And Adam – So Much More:  Tim from the Postmarks and Adam from Whirlaway, I Am Stereo, and Hello Human are the pair that lead this new act.  Their sound is a nice mix of early 2000s indie and electro pop.  Tim And Adam’s self titled debut is currently available.

:The Mantles – Hello:  This is one of those singles that makes me shift from curious to excited about an upcoming album.  In other words, let’s hurry up and get Long Enough To Leave in my hands.  The LP is expected out on June 18 via Slumberland.

:MS MR – Hurricane (Chvrches Remix):  I think the original version of this is perfect, but this Chrvches remix is too entertaining to not like.  By the way, the chorus will most certainly make you want to instantly host a dance party wherever you are.  MS MR will release Secondhand Rapture tomorrow Creep City Records.

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Quickdraw: Camera Obscura, The Mantles, Lemuria, MGMT, Alpine

April 22, 2013

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Today’s music is really proud of you.  Enjoy.

:Camera Obscura – Do It Again:  The press release that came along with this pleasant pop song mentioned that the band’s new album has been in the works since 2011 (work started right after the completion of their last effort, My Maudlin Career).  No wonder it sounds so immaculate – its been patiently crafted.  Desire Lines is due out June 4 via 4AD.

:The Mantles – Brown Ballroom:  Admittedly, I didn’t start out as an admirer of this song.  After a few revisits, though, I started to really like how it’s a lo-fi effort with just the right amount of shimmer.  Long Enough To Leave is due out on June 18 via Slumberland Records.

:Lemuria – Brilliant Dancer:  This band continues to churn out quality 90s alt rock, and I love them for it.  Here’s hoping they come to Austin soon.  The Brilliant Dancer 7″ will be out May 21, and the new full length, The Distance Is So Big, is due on June 18 via Bridge Nine.

:MGMT – Alien Days:  Does anyhow else really dig that MGMT just refuse to go back to the sound that made them popular?  Because I certainly do.  Keep getting weirder, fellas!  This psychedelic tune was a Record Story Day release.  If you have some cash to burn, you can probably find one on eBay.

:Alpine – Gasoline (Mystery Skulls Remix):  The original version of this is definitely a nice track, but Mystery Skulls remixed it into something that you’ll immediately want to tell your friends about.  Alpine will release A Is For Alpine on May 21 via Votiv.  They’re also heading out on tour to open for Crystal Fighters.

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