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Throwback Thursday: The Grey Album

August 21, 2014


Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album turned 10 earlier this year, and that just sort of weirds me out.  I vividly remember scoffing at any sort of possible legal action, participating in Grey Tuesday and then sharing the album as much as I could (like all real outlaws and difference-makers did, right?).

What’s funny though, is that despite my fondness for the record and what I thought it meant to me, it wasn’t until recently that I actually realized how much I love The Grey Album.  It’s definitely my favorite mashup of all time and I admire the enormous amount of work that Danger Mouse obviously put into it.  No wonder he went on to be involved in so many rad projects – he’s a dedicated and brilliant fella.  Anyhow, have fun revisiting The Grey Album.

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