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DC Against The World (Dan)

March 5, 2014


By now you should be in full planning mode for SXSW. If you’re not, you’re in trouble. Don’t worry though, I’m here to help. What are the keys for the best day shows? It has to have amazing bands, free beer, and free tacos. If you agree then my friends and I are hosting the perfect show for you: DC Against The World at The New Movement on Thursday, March 13 from 11AM to 6PM.

The show is to a follow up to last year’s packed DC vs Austin event and is the seventh year we’ve thrown a party spotlighting bands from Washington, DC. Each year the party has got bigger and better. This lineup is our best yet thanks to sponsors CHIRP – Chicago Independent Radio ProjectFredericksburg All AgesRogness Brewing Company and Bitch Beer.

Representing DC are art rockers Deleted Scenes, singer-songwriter Olivia Mancini, the much buzzed about Coeds, and indie rockers Tereu Tereu. The bands representing the World are funk-punk gods The Coup, indie pop trio HospitalityVertical Scratchers (featuring members of Brainiac/Enon) , garage rockers The Blind ShakeThe Audacity and No Regrets Coyote as well the Hebrew shoegaze of Vaadat Charigim, and psych-rockers Outer Minds. Set times are as follows …

Theater Stage (Doors and Breakfast Tacos at 11 AM)
11:25-11:55 Olivia Mancini
12:20-12:55 Audacity
1:30-2:10 The Coup
2:45-3:20 Blind Shake
3:55-4:30 Deleted Scenes
5:05-5:40 Outer Minds

Back Stage
11:55-12:25 Vaadat Charigim
12:55-1:30 Vertical Scratchers
2:10-2:45 Hospitality
3:20-3:55 No Regrets Coyote
4:30-5:05 Tereu Tereu
5:40-6:00 Coeds

Be sure to RSVP here to enter our Merge Records prize pack drawing! Check out the bands below and also subscribe to our Spotify Playlist to hear even more great tracks.

:Audacity – Rooster:
:Vertical Scratchers – These Plains:
:Coeds – Sensitive Boys:
:Vaadat Charigim – Odisea:
:Deleted Scenes- The Days Of Adderall:
:The Coup – The Magic Clap:
:Hospitality – Going Out:
:The Blind Shake – Garbage On Glue:
:No Regrets Coyote – Rat Tail:
:Tereu Tereu – Cage Was Right:
:Olivia Mancini – Let’s Do This:
:Outer Minds – Something New:

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Hip Hop Hooray (Leah)

January 25, 2013


Did you guys hear about Lupe Fiasco getting escorted off the stage by security at a pre-inaugural concert for performing a thirty minute song railing against Obama? This is the kind of thing I can get behind, and I LIKE Obama. Don’t be afraid to be loud, y’all. This little story has nothing to do with this month’s mix though. I just wanted to mention it because it’s one of my favorite stories this week, and you should check out Lupe’s new album Food & Liquor II because it’s pretty good. I really appreciate the fact that he pretty much had commercial success in the palm of his hands and basically went, “Y’know what? I’m just gonna say what I believe about the state of the world, even if it’s controversial, and even if a lot of people don’t like it, AND EVEN IF my corporate overlords are trying to prove definitively that the only thing that sells records are hyper-racist depictions of black life that glamorize guns, drugs, crime and misogyny.” Yeah, I like that he did that.

I also made you a sweet January mix of other stuff I like, and I hope you like it too.

There’s a sweet hip hop show tonight at Hotel Vegas featuring Fat Tony, Space Camp Death Squad (previously on a mix here), Ditch Witch, Norman Base, and P-Tek. You should come out and say hi and support some Texas hip hop.

:Common Market – Black Patch War:
:Pillowfight – Get Your Shit Together:
:Rick Ross – 100 Black Coffins:
:Lupe Fiasco – Strange Fruition (Featuring Casey Benjamin):
:Common – A Dream (Featuring Will.I.Am):
:The Coup – Wavip (Featuring Das Racist And Killer Mike):
:Mad One And Ruler Why – Mhhmmm Mhmmm:
:Talib Kweli And Z-Trip – Congregation (Featuring Black Thought And Ab-soul):
:Big Jus – Empire Is A Bitch (Fake Arab Spring Mix):
:Roc Marciano – Peru:
:Akala – Where I’m From:
:Mister RP – Diamonds Aren’t Enough:
:Azeem -Going Dumb VS Going To Brazil:
:Guru – Lift Your Fist (Featuring The Roots):

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