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The Rite Flyers, The Carrots (Jennifer)

June 12, 2013


I’ve been a longtime fan of Austin’s The Rite Flyers.  Led by singers/songwriters/guitarists John Clayton and Steve Collier (music trivia moment – John wrote Me And The Bean, which was covered by Spoon on the Girls Can Tell). After taking a break for a few years, they’ve been writing new songs such as Tune To You, which is filled with jangly yet crunchy guitar riffs and soaring harmonies. If you’re in town, you can catch them twice this month at Hole in the Wall - tonight and June 29.

I last saw The Carrots a few years ago, and I enjoyed their 60s Motown girl group inspired sound.  It was a nice surprise to find out that this Austin sextet is still around. They’ve recently released their debut album, New Romance, on Elefant Records and they’re holding their record release show this Friday at Red 7 with Gal Pals and Hidden Ritual. Check out the video below for Crystal Lake – a suitable addition to your summer soundtrack with its sunny “sha-la-la” harmonies, handclaps, and twangy surf guitar solo.

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