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Texas Never Whispers (Jennifer)

May 6, 2015


On Texas Never Whispers self titled debut, lead songwriter Tim Regan (ex-Oh No Oh My) paints portraits of nostalgic memories and regrets on tunes like Midnight Companion, with its winsome slide guitar and bluesy organ riffs, and on Always Drunk, the proverbial tear-in-your-beer song that covers holding onto living the night life and lamenting about a lost love (“you always needs to be drunk on poetry or wine/I couldn’t hold your heart for any length of time”).

They’ll bring their brand of indie rock meets Americana influenced songwriting to the double-tour kickoff show with Shivery Shakes and Bop English on Tuesday, May 12 at Cheer Up Charlie’s. It’s sure to be an eclectic evening highlighting some of the emerging bands on the Austin music scene.

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