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Quickdraw: Summer Cannibals, Hot Hot Heat, Fujiya And Miyagi, Goat, Mutual Benefit

April 11, 2016


Music!  Enjoy.

:Summer Cannibals – Full Of It:  I’m all about the amount of attitude that Summer Cannibals have on display here.  Their upcoming album is looking like it’s going to be a winner.  Full Of It is due out May 27 via Kill Rock Stars.

:Hot Hot Heat – Kid Who Stays In The Picture:  It was weird getting an email titled “Hot Hot Heat Announce Final Album.”  I honestly didn’t even know they were still together.  As for this track, it’s pretty damn good.  Maybe they shouldn’t be calling it quits.  The band’s self titled album is due out June 24 via Kaw-Liga Records.

:Fujiya And Miyagi – Serotonin Rushes:  “Daaammmnnn!”  That’s what I said the first time I heard this new one from Fujiya and Miyagi.  Hope you’re ready to dance.  EP 1 is due out May 27 via Impossible Records.

:Goat – I Sing In Silence:  This free floating little tune from Goat is just about as pleasant as can be.  Crank it up and let it fill the room, especially if your Monday is off to a rough start.  The Snake Of Addis Ababa 7″ is due out May 27 via Sub Pop.

:Mutual Benefit – Lost Dreamers:  Here’s a very pretty new song from Mutual Benefit (aka Jordan Lee).  His voice is just so warm and inviting.  Skip A Sinking Stone is due out May 20 via Mom + Pop.

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Quickdraw: White Lung, Nothing, Summer Cannibals, Parquet Courts, Wire

February 29, 2016


Music!  Enjoy.

:White Lung – Hungry:  This new White Lung single weirded me out at first.  They’re usually so fierce, and this doesn’t even kind of make me feel like they want to burn down my house.  A cleaned up sound does fit them well though.  Paradise is due out May 6 via Domino.

:Nothing – Vertigo Flowers:  There’s a big wall of guitars on display here, and I’m all about it.  Nothing’s sophomore LP will definitely be a year-end favorite of mind if it has more of the same.  Tired Of Tomorrow is due out May 13 via Relapse.

:Summer Cannibals – Go Home:  Summer Cannibals’ front woman Jessica Boudreaux is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  She’s just got a great voice (it’s kind of like a more punk rock version of Alicia Bognanno from Bully).  Full Of It is due out May 27 via Kill Rock Stars.

:Parquet Courts – Berlin Got Blurry:  “Nothing lasts but nearly everything lingers in life.”  What a line.  On another note, this is easily one of Parquet Courts most accessible tracks.  Human Performance is due out April 8 via Rough Trade.  The band will play Levitation in April/May.

:Wire – Nocturnal Koreans:  You have to give it up to Wire for the way they’re still trucking along and churning out quality tunes.  They started in 1976!  Nocturnal Koreans is due out April 29 via Pinkflag.

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Summer Cannibals (Dan)

February 18, 2015


There’s less than a month until we gorge ourselves on beer, tacos, and live music for five straight days. Sorting out which bands to see and which to skip during SXSW is a big task, so I’m here to give you one for the “must see” list.

Summer Cannibals are a Portland quartet formed in 2012 by Jessica Boudreaux and Marc Swart. A Patti Smith song inspired the name and I’m positive the poet punk would highly approve of Summer Cannibals’ fiery attitude and fuzzed out sound.

After a brief break, the band is back with their sophomore release Show Us Your Mind (out March 3). The new album, produced by Larry Crane (Sleater-Kinney, The Decemberists, Death Cab for Cutie, Elliot Smith), is a follow up to their debut, No Makeup.  While you can hear the influence of bands such as Sleater-Kinney, the Cannibals sound is more akin to The Muffs or The Runaways. Show Us Your Mind is pure pop punk with big guitars, and it’s superb from start to finish.

Don’t be kicking yourself when SX ends and you missed the killer Summer Cannibals set people are talking about! Here are the first of what hopes to be numerous shows during SXSW – March 20 at The Portland Party (day) & The CD Baby Official Showcase (night)

:Summer Cannibals – Something New:

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