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Quickdraw: Tancred, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Snail Mail, Iceage, Hop Along

March 27, 2018



Tancred – Reviews

Tancred impressed me with their 2016 release, Out Of The Garden, so I’m definitely looking forward to the freshly announced follow-up, Nightstand (due June 1).  Jump all over the sincere first single now.

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Shiggy

A month or two back Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks put out a twang-ish rocker, and I figured that was the direction for the new album.  Nope!  The latest track is wonderfully noisy.  Look for Sparkle Hard on May 18.  The act will be at the Mohawk on July 25.

Snail Mail – Pristine

Snail Mail put on one of the best sets I saw at SXSW, and I can’t to check out their debut LP, Lush (due June 8).  Hard to believe that front woman Lindsey Jordan just graduated high school.  By the way, the band is set to play the Scoot Inn with Japanese Breakfast on April 10.

Iceage – Take It All

Every song released so far off of Iceage’s upcoming album, Beyondless (due May 4), has been next level stuff.  You should be very excited for its release.  I am.  The band will play Barracuda on May 27.

Hop Along – Prior Things

I caught a fairly rough set from Hop Along at SXSW (not really their fault, there were sound issues), but that’s not stopping me from being excited about their upcoming album, Bark Your Head Off, Dog (due April 6).  The new tune off of it is a head turner.

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Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

February 8, 2018


While I would love for Pavement to reunite, I’ll certainly take new music and a tour from Stephan Malkmus & The Jicks as a consolation prize.  Check out a catchy country-rocker from the Pavement frontman down below, and then make a note to see the act at the Mohawk on July 25.  Enjoy.

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Quickdraw: While We Were Sleeping – Part 1

January 6, 2014


Why do people bother releasing new music in December?  Not only is it the holidays, but during that time I’m so deep in year-end lists that the thought of listening to anything new makes my head hurt.  It’s silly I tell you!  In any case, I hate missing out on good tunes, so we’re starting 2014 with a 20-track December recap.  The first part awaits you below.  Enjoy.

:St. Vincent – Birth In Reverse:  Naturally, St. Vincent (aka Annie Clark) owns the top spot on my Most Anticipated Abums Of 2014 list.  She is as talented as it gets.  Expect to be able to get her self titled effort on February 25 via Republic/Loma Vista.

:Yellow Ostrich – Shades:  This song only has a few moments where it actually feels like a Yellow Ostrich effort, but I think that’s a good thing.  Their sound seems to have taken a darker, louder turn, and it’s a change that’s re-energized my love for them.  Cosmos will be released on February 25 through Barsuk.

:The Tontons – Magic Hour:  I raved about the Tontons for a good chunk of 2013, and you can expect more of the same this year – especially if they keep on putting out singles as snazzy as this one.  The band will release The Make Out King And Other Stories Of Love at some point this year.

:Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks – Cinnamon And Lesbians:  Stephen Malkmus is one of my heroes, so of course I love that he’s put together a sixth solo album.  Here’s hoping that he and the Jicks do a good number of SXSW shows.  Wig Out At Jagbags is due out tomorrow on Matador.

:Wild Moccasins – Emergency Broadcast:  Houston’s Wild Moccasins have finally readied a sophomore effort, and I think it might end up being their best work yet.  This song is particularly kinetic, which I dig.  New West Records will put out 88 92 on February 4.

:Shivery Shakes – Sidewalk Talk:  If you’ve yet to start paying attention to Austin’s Shivery Shakes, then it’s time that you do.  I get the feeling that their upcoming full length is going to garner them a lot of love.  The band’s Sidewalk Talk/So Long 7″ is out now on Punctum Records.

:Speedy Ortiz – Everything’s Bigger:  Is anyone out there right now making better 90s-esque rock music than Speedy Ortiz?  I say no.  If I’m lucky they won’t just put out an EP this year.  Carpark will release the Real Hair EP on February 11.

:Young Girls – Caroline:  Our friends over at Austin Town Hall Records recently started working with … ahem … Young Girls.  This super catchy track is the first thing to come out of the partnership.  The band’s self titled EP will be available starting on January 28.

:EMA – Satellites:  If you asked me to describe EMA, I’d say she makes the kind of music that just dominates every part of you.  Yes, that means it’s intense, but it’s also rewarding.  Don’t be afraid to dive in.  The Future’s Void is expected out at some point this spring via Matador.

:SHMU – She’s Leaving:  For those of you that don’t know, half of Austin’s Zorch is SHMU.  You’ll like this if you have a fondness for experimental pop music.  The Chroma Key EP is due out January 14 via Grand Theft Zamboni Records.

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Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks

November 12, 2013


Not that I didn’t have any hope for 2014 or something, but I’m certainly a lot more excited now that I know Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks will be putting out a new album.  The first single, which is charming and catchy and makes me want to listen to nothing but Malkmus-related stuff for the next few days, can be found in lyric video form below (sorry, no mp3 on this one).  Wig Out At Jagbags is due out January 7 via Matador.  Enjoy.

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