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Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

June 7, 2013


This month, I started thinking about Summer, not only due to the triple digit heat outside, but this time of year has always held a lot of great times, especially in this part of the country. Texas is all about outdoors, even in the heat of the season blasting you from above, rivers, lakes, boats and beers all bring back some incredible memories and the music I jammed during some of the great times of my life.

When I really think about what kind of metal represents the summertime I go back and start pulling some of the best stoner metal and sludge metal. Top down, Fu Manchu blasting on the stereo, ladies in bikinis and the sweet leaf wafting from every pore, that my friends is June. School’s out, kick back and enjoy some tasty grooves …

:Acid Bath – Bleed Me An Ocean:
:Weedeater – God Luck And Good Speed:
:Acid King – Electric Machine:
:Torche – In Pieces:
:Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf:
:Sleep – The Druid:
:Clutch – Unto The Breach:
:Melvins – Queen:
:Corrosion Of Conformity – Born Again For The Last Time:
:Kyuss – Green Machine:
:Crowbar – High Rate Extinction:
:Kylesa – Unspoken:
:Fu Manchu – King Of The Road:

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