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Simple Circuit, The Mole People (Jennifer)

September 11, 2013


Although my music taste leans towards guitar/power pop, every once in awhile I like to sink my teeth into some punk-infused garage rock. Recently, releases from two Austin bands have caught my ear. The first is Simple Circuit, who released their first self-titled full length album last month after previously putting out a few 7″ singles over the past few years.  S.O.S, Sattrash, and Loose Tooth are brimming with punk energy and featuring sharp, biting vocals and guitars. Teenage Ghost, Brothers, and Slide Whine show more of a mid-tempo, lo-fi side. There are plenty of catchy guitars and energetic drumming to keep even a pop fanatic like me hooked and intrigued. No physical release is available yet, but you can download their album on Bandcamp.

The Mole People released their first full length album, Lost Age, this month. While they champion a classic garage rock sound, they’re also adept at paying sonic tribute to 60s psychedelia, late 70s/early 80s power pop, and shades of punk from across the decades. The album is currently available as a digital release on Bandcamp. The band is currently raising funds with the goal of putting out the album on vinyl. I also highly recommend catching their live performances; it’s a guaranteed good time full of sweaty, rowdy energy.

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