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Movie Breakdown: Sausage Party

August 11, 2016


Pre-Screening Stance:

This is one of those rares times where I’m rolling into a movie that I’ve already seen.  Well, sort of.  What I saw at SXSW earlier this year was a really rough cut and, while I did like it, I’m hoping that the finished version delivers an overall … um … tighter experience.

Post-Screening Ramble:

Oh boy.  When I put that in my Pete’s Dragon breakdown earlier this week, I meant it like oh-boy-this-film-so-magical-and-wholesome.  For Sausage Party, I mean it like oh-boy-this-film-is-wildly-ridiculous-so-beware.  Surely you’re expecting that though, yeah?  If you’ve watched even the shortest clip from Sausage Party, then you probably noticed the way it’s a raunchy, over the top film that shouldn’t exist.  But it does, and it’s hilarious.  It is, however, not for everyone.  The film steadily hops between being immensely offensive (so much racism), super clever (its take on religion is on point), completely stupid (the villain is an actual douche) and really gross (at one point there’s a talking used condom), and it does so in such a manic, sloppy way that it can be overwhelming.  Because of such craziness I fully expect people to either love it or hate it, with everyone forever arguing over whether or not it’s genius or just total drivel.  For now (at least until I catch it one more time), I’m down to tag it as the former.

Have a few beers (or bowls, whichever) and get yourself some Sausage Party.  You’ll laugh your head off.  Or you’ll be really annoyed by the whole damn thing.  Hard to say, really.

One Last Thought:

It humors me to no end that there’s a wide-release animated film that features both a massacre and an orgy.  Bets on when some oblivious parent will take their kid(s) to see Sausage Party thinking it’s a cute movie about food?  I say it’ll happen the second weekend of its theatrical run.

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