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Movie Breakdown: Ride Along 2

January 13, 2016


Pre-Screening Stance:

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are back together for another buddy cop romp.  This time though they’re in Miami!  Get wild.  On a related note, I’m not even exactly excited to see Ride Along 2.

Post-Screening Ramble:

I actually don’t hate the first Ride Along.  I caught it in its entirety once (and since then I’ve seen bits and pieces of it about a zillion other times) on HBO, and I thought it was okay.  The movie was clearly made so that Ice Cube could do his tough guy thing and Kevin Hart could do his silly little guy thing, and overall it’s a pretty harmless, somewhat funny buddy cop flick.  This, obviously, isn’t a ringing endorsement for Ride Along 2, but I will say I strolled into it expecting to chuckle a few times. Also, deep down I was hoping that maybe, just maybe there would be some sort of over the top crazy plot that would warrant the creation of the film.


Ride Along 2 is a total bore.  I didn’t even slightly giggle once.  I mostly just sat there just being annoyed.  Ice Cube is too dickish at every turn, Kevin Hart is far too silly at every turn, Olivia Munn delivers all of her lines with a bizarre “am I saying this right?” face, and Ken Jeong is so unfunny that it made me question why I ever thought he was funny to begin with.  And the story?  I don’t even know.  Everything so conveniently falls into place that I’m not even sure what anyone was trying to do.  They all just shuffle from one place to another while talking way too much and I eventually just zoned out and started drooling.

Skip this one forever.

One Last Thought:

I’m roughly 93% sure that Ride Along 2 only exists because someone thought “brothers-in-law” was really clever.

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