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Quin Galavis (Dan)

January 13, 2017


To be a good music blogger, you have to be ahead of the trends and highlight great music before anyone else. It takes persistence, hard work, and passion. On the other hand, if you’re a shitty music blogger, like me, you discover amazing albums months after they are released.

Well, I might be late to the game, but I’m thankful I finally learned about Quin Galavis’ fantastic album, My Life in Steel and Concrete. Quin is a veteran of the Austin music scene having played in False Idol and Nazi Gold while also releasing under his own name. He also was a member of The Dead Space, whose album Faker landed at #2 on my list of the Top Albums of 2014. The band went on an indefinite hiatus in early 2015 and I lost track of what Quin was doing. He obviously was busy because his latest work is his most impressive to date.

Released in late August of 2016, My Life in Steel and Concrete is a 20-song double LP with staggering range. While the tone of all the songs possess the same raw honesty, musically the tracks are all over the place. The diversity is demonstrated in the experimental folk of Vile and Disgusting and A Disturbing Face, the pummeling industrial punk sound of Hate and the solemn melody of the album’s closing track, Wake Up. From start to finish, the record puts Quin’s considerable talents on display. You owe it to yourself to check out this incredible work. Just listen to it once and I promise it will stay with you.

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Show Of The Week (Powered by Pulsr)

August 10, 2016


Austin’s own Quin Galavis has assembled a double album, My Life in Steel and Concrete, and this Saturday he’ll be celebrating its impending release (it’s due out 8/26) at the Museum of Human Achievement.  The show is FREE (just make sure to register on the Museum’s site), which is awesome, and Mr. Galavis will be “performing three interpretations of the record.”  That’s can’t-miss stuff.

Find the show on Pulsr HERE.  Check it out on Facebook HERE.

PS – If you want to hang with me on Friday, I’ll be at the Oasis for a show I booked for 93.7 KLBJ.  It’s free and features Lowin, The Happen-Ins and Jared Boulanger (of The Sour Notes).

Thanks to Pulsr for sponsoring this week’s column!  For those of you who don’t know, Pulsr is a social discovery application meant to answer the age-old question “What should we do tonight?” By using personalized content and a live social media feed, Pulsr helps locals get the most out of living in Austin by showing the best live music, trendy restaurants, happy hour specials and more. Pulsr aims to help locals get out and live by joining with others to explore all Austin has to offer. The app is available for download for iOS and Android in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

BONUS Show Recommendations:

You can find each show on Pulsr by clicking on the first band.

- Spray Paint, Ben Waller, Andy Human and the Reptoids at Hotel Vegas
- Hikes, Henrietta, Tremble Out at The Sidewinder

- Wye Oak, Tushka at the Mohawk
- Dreamboat, The Sour Notes, UVH at the Mohawk
- Amplified Heat, Psychotic Reaction, Greenbeard at Barracuda

- Ringo Deathstarr, The Human Circuit, Zettajoule, Hooka Hey at The Swan Dive
- Oozer, Mean Jolene, Vampyre, Lola Tried, Planet Manhood, Tres Oui at Barracuda
- Fire Walk With Me, Big Coat, Paceshifters, Residual Kid at The Sidewinder
- Skyline, Little Mikey & the Soda Jerks at Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.

- Kay Odyssey, Lake of Fire, Candace, Tamarron at Hotel Vegas
- A Sinclair, Lowin at Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.

- Parquet Courts, US Weekly at the Mohawk
- David Bazan, Michael Nau at the Parish

- Deerhoof, Blank Spell, Tele Novella at the Mohawk

Show Of The Week Media:

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