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Stream This

February 20, 2015


From the depths of the SOTO inbox, I present to you your weekly serving of the latest and greatest album streams and videos.  Enjoy.


Please note that the majority of the streams expire as soon as the albums are released, so don’t wait too long to check them out.

ALBUM OF THE WEEK ➡ Screaming Females – Rose Mountain

Colleen Green – I Want To Grow Up
Dan Deacon – Gliss Riffer
Radical Dads – Universal Coolers
The King Khan And BBQ Show – Bad News Boys
Gal Pals – Velvet Rut
Diet Cig – Over Easy EP
THEESatisfaction – EarthEE
Torche – Restarter
Diamond Rugs – Cosmetics
Iron And Wine – Archive Series: Volume 1
Pearls – Pretend You’re Mine
Keath Mead – Sunday Dinner
Tall Tales And The Silver Lining – Tightropes
Hundred Waters – The Moon Rang Like A Bell (Remixed)
Public Service Broadcasting – The Race For Space



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2014 Austin Essentials: Volume 1

November 24, 2014


It’s taken me a couple of weeks, but I’ve finally manged to get my 2014 Austin Essentials list all perfectly hammered out  And by perfectly hammered out, I mean “I’m pretty sure I got 91% of it right.”  Anyways, it’s 60 or so bands long and it’s divided into three volumes (part two is tomorrow, part three is on Wednesday).  In case you’re wondering, my only real “guideline” for the list was that the artist must have put out something new (no re-releases, man) in 2014.  So, get to sampling!  I hope you find some new local stuff to love.  Enjoy.

PS – For the sake of not making the list even longer, I left out super familiar names like Spoon, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, The Black Angels, Shakey Graves, Balmorhea, Ume, Quiet Company and I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness.

:Major Major Major – God Doesn’t Want Us:  Throughout 2014 Major Major Major have been increasingly impressive.  Their shows are a blast, and then there’s also the way the duo can’t seem to write anything that isn’t infectious.  Look out for their debut full length next year.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Abram Shook – Coastal:  I really love Abram Shook’s Sun Marquee.  The album is one of those pop efforts that’s both wonderfully crafted and super accessible.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Tele Novella – Trouble In Paradise:  Tele Novella spent much of the year further establishing themselves (singles, videos, lots of shows), and I think 2015 is now set to be a big one for them.  Jump on the bandwagon now.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:The Dead Space – Behind The Wall:  The Dead Space’s Faker is probably my favorite Austin album of 2014.  It’s a fantastic collection of post-punk tracks.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Magna Carda – Every Weekend (Featuring Olivia Applegate):  Magna Carda are no longer just one of the best hip hop acts in Austin, they’re one of the city’s best overall acts.  Here soon they’re releasing an album, and I can’t wait to check it out.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Dana Falconberry – Palmless:  Dana Falconberry and Jim Eno (from Spoon) crafted this song together for a Record Store Day release.  I want a lot more of the same.  Please.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Borrisokane – God Doesn’t Want Us (Major Major Major Cover):  Borrisokane’s Versus Project (a box set that features them and a variety of guests doing covers and original tunes) is probably the most ambitious thing that popped out of Austin in 2014.  Check it out if you haven’t.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Wrapped:  Neon is the name of Letting Up Despite Great Faults’ latest (and maybe final?) album.  You should pick it up just so that you can own a physical copy of this absolutely stellar song.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Summer Salt – Sweet To Me:  Phil and Eugene (from the now defunct Yum) are two-thirds of Summer Salt, a retro pop act with a knack for providing rather hooky, breezy tracks.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Otis The Destroyer – You’re The Wealth:  The Couch are no more, but that’s OK because some of its former members started the equally loud and glorious Otis The Destroyer.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Equals – Glistener:  If you’re a fan of instrumental rock, then Equals’ Tracts is an album that you need to seek out.  I’ve been jamming it for most of the year.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:BLXPLTN – Start Fires:  With music that’s all at once danceable, mosh-worthy and inspired,  BLXPLTN are an Austin band that has dominated in 2014.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Future Death – Basements:  Future Death play like maybe there really won’t be a tomorrow, and I like that.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Genuine Leather – The Enemy:  For those of you that love clever pop tunes, there’s the Genuine Leather album Losers.  Snatch it up.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Phil Ajjarapu – Sing Along Until You Feel Better:  SOTO’s own Jennifer made sure I included Phil Ajjarapu on the list, and it’s not hard to see why – the guy has some really good pop songs in his repertoire.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Lowin – Heave Ho:  Sara Houser’s soaring voice is now front and center in her own band (and no longer as part of The Couch), and the results so far have been pretty great.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:SHMU – She’s Leaving:  Sam Chown, who is also one half of Zorch, is the man behind SHMU.  Give the guy a listen if you like experimental electronic pop.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Pompeii – Blueprint:  After a solid five years or so, Pompeii finally rallied up a new album.  Loom, if you ask me, is fantastic and totally ended up being worth the wait.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Growl – Jackie:  I don’t remember many local music convos this year where someone didn’t excitedly bring up Growl.  This song is from a compilation, but you should also spend some time with the band’s EP, No Years, that was put out back in January.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

:Crooked Bangs – Ce Type:  This year Crooked Bangs put out this attitude-laced gem (it’s from a split with Houston’s Secret Prostitutes) and played Fun Fun Fun Fest.  Solid.  Provide Facebook love HERE.

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Pompeii, Pageantry (Jennifer)

October 15, 2014


Austin quartet Pompeii have returned from a five year hiatus to release their latest album, Loom, this week through Red Eye Transit. It’s filled with lush, string filled atmospherics and ambient melodies on songs like the title track and Celtic Mist along with more intense and driving shoegaze vibe on tracks like Blueprint and Drift.  The band will be holding their album release party and tour kickoff (including an appearance at CMJ) this Friday at Holy Mountain along with special guests Pageantry, Botany, and Football, Etc.  If you can’t pick up a copy of the album at the show, you can order from their website.

:Pompeii – Loom:
:Pompeii – Blueprint:

Speaking of Pageantry, they just released a stand alone single, Spine, as a hint of what lies ahead as the band finishes up their first full length album and prepares for a string of tour dates, including appearances at CMJ in NYC. Spine kicks off with a playful organ intro as it segues into the darker contrast of its somewhat ominous lyrics (“Feared you a lot last year/Every time you obeyed I smelled blood on your breath”), and then soars with a pristine slide guitar solo, dreamy vocals, and a taut rhythm section. I’m a big fan of their expansive, layered sound; it’s hard to believe sometimes that they’re only a trio. As mentioned up above, they’ll be playing at Holy Mountain this Friday.

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Stream This

October 10, 2014


From the depths of the SOTO inbox, I present to you your weekly serving of the latest and greatest album streams and videos.  Enjoy.


Please note that the majority of the streams expire as soon as the albums come out, so don’t wait too long to check them out.

ALBUM OF THE WEEK ➡ Meatbodies – Self Titled

Pompeii – Loom
Zookeeper – Pink Chalk
Flying Lotus – You’re Dead!
Kevin Morby – Still LIfe
Greylag – Self Titled
Useless Eaters – Bleeding Moon
The Aislers Set – How I Learned To Write Backwards
Kindness – Otherness
Stars – No One Is Lost
Inter Arma – The Cavern
Pharmakon – Bestial Burden
Dads – I’ll Be The Tornado
Obliterations – Destroy Everything
The 2 Bears – The Night Is Young
Holy Youth – Self Titled
Kittyhawk – Hello Again
Absolutely Free – Self Titled
Halasan Bazar And Tara King – 8
Museum Of Love – Self Titled


Tune Yards

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Quickdraw: Pompeii, NehruvianDOOM, Superhumanoids, Dream Police, Radical Dads

September 22, 2014

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Music!  Enjoy.

:Pompeii – Loom:  I’m starting to think that Pompeii’s upcoming album might end up being one of the better efforts to come out of Austin in 2014.  This song in particular reminds me of Transatlanticism/Plans-era Death Cab For Cutie.  Loom will be released on October 14 via Red Eye Transit.

:NehruvianDOOM – Caskets:  Aside from Run The Jewels’ new one, the other hip hop effort that I can’t wait to hear is the debut from NehruvianDOOM.  Personally, I think DOOM is always impressive, but I will admit that it does sound as though his partnership with Bishop Nehru has refreshed him.  The act will release their self titled album on October 6 via Lex.

:Superhumanoids – Flipping Out:  Here’s a new single from Superhumanoids.  Like everything they do, this is adequately hooky and totally ready to be devoured through a nice pair of headphones.  The Flipping Out/Another One 7″ is available now via Innovative Leisure.  The band is set to play two nights at ACL Live with Erasure.

:Dream Police – Hypnotized:  Mark Perro and Nick Chiericozzi, who founded the Men, are the main brains behind Dream Police.  This driving rock track is pretty damn great, and I’m looking forward to hearing more.  The band will release Hypnotized on November 11 via Sacred Bones.

:Radical Dads – In The Water:  The still-wonderfully named Radical Dads have signed to Old Flame and put together a new EP (while they wrap their third album).  I’ve long been fond of their 90s rock ways, and you should be too.  Look for the Cassette Brain EP when it gets set free on October 7.

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Quickdraw: Pompeii, Gold Panda, Wish, Celebration, Balmorhea

August 11, 2014


Music!  Enjoy.

:Pompeii – Blueprint:  Here’s a new one from Austin’s own Pompeii, who haven’t put out an album since 2008′s Nothing Happens For A Reason.  I think it’s a wonderfully lush pop tune.  The band will release Loom on October 14 via Red Eye Transit.

:Gold Panda – Clarke’s Dream:  This one-off bit of funk-enthused fun from Gold Panda has been stuck in my head for days.  Here’s hoping this is the kind of sound that dominates the album that he’s supposedly working on now.

:Wish – Retro Grade:  After spending some time playing in other acts (Milk Lines, Breeze, and Beliefs) around Toronto, Kyle Connolly is now the main brain behind the psych pop-leaning Wish.  I dig it and definitely want to hear more.  The band’s self-titled debut is due out August 26 via Hand Drawn Dracula.

:Celebration – Chariot:  I’ve always been a big fan of Celebration, so I’m happy to see they’ve readied a new album (their first in four years).  This song is a bit ominous, slightly dancey and loaded with soul via Katrina Ford’s crazy good voice.  Albumin is expected to be released on August 19 through Bella Union.

:Balmorhea – Heir I:  If there’s one thing you should know about Austin’s Balmorhea, it’s that they only know how to sound stunning.  Make sure you to toss on some headphones before you hit play.  The Heir 7″ is due out soon via Western Vinyl.  See them at the Parish on September 6.

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Movie Breakdown: Pompeii (Noah)

February 21, 2014


People are doing traditional-style reviews all over the web, so we decided to try something different.  In each “breakdown” we’ll take a look at what a film’s marketing lead us to believe, how the movie actually played, and then what we learned from it all.  Read on!

The Impression:

It’s the middle of February, the final twilight before the “Road to Summer Blockbusters” kicks off, and a film by Paul WS Anderson about a love affair amongst the devastation of Pompeii seems pretty ripe to be well, awful.

The Reality:

I can’t honestly say if Paul WS Anderson is intentionally trying to make b-movies. I don’t know if the man has the knowledge or capability as a filmmaker to actually shoot to pay homage to any film that has ever come before it (though Pompeii certainly swipes more than a few scenes from some of the bigger, more A-List blockbusters of the last 20 years). And I don’t know if Paul WS Anderson is intending for his films to be the future fodder of stoners and b-movie cinephiles, but let’s be extremely frank, they will be. And as is the way with b-movies some are outstanding because they’re good, some are outstanding because they’re bad and some are just terrible. If you see Pompeii as a b-movie (which it certainly is), this is a pretty good flick. A Celtic slave and a Roman, uh, rich person, fall in love in Pompeii just days before the volcano explodes and sends 180 degree ash clouds over everything and everyone. Things get complicated. Kiefer Sutherland shows up as a pervy Senator who just wants to kill and fuck. Jared Harris and Carrie Anne-Moss show up as well as nervous parents trying to secure a future for the town. Things explode, there’s some sweet, if not horribly shoot, gladitorial action and a lot of horses jumping over things. This is not a good movie, at all, but it’s fun in the worst kind of way. Sure, Kit Harrington and Emily Browning have about as much acting chops and chemistry as a pile of Roman horse dung, and sure the movie looks like it was entirely filmed in one hallway, and the computer graphics are sub-par video game quality, but regardless if you’re coming to see this film because you want high art, well, you’ve got bigger problems. Instead, why don’t you wait two or three months, pack your portable vaporizer with a frosty nug (I just learned that word from Snoop Dogg’s Instagram) and then watch this movie at 3:30 in the morning when you’ve got nothing better to do. Then you’ll like it, I promise.

The Lesson:

A film that combines Titanic, Gladiator, and Dante’s Peak is actually better then it sounds.

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