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Happy Metal Fun Time (Chuck)

October 7, 2016


My favorite month of the year arrived this week, October marks the beginning of the dark times. Fall in the South doesn’t really begin until this month, it starts to finally cool off, and the time change will make it nice and dark on Hollow’s Eve. Really for me it allows metal to sound right for the holiday, at Christmas it’s just odd, but Halloween? Perfect! I looked back and I haven’t done a good list for your orange and black partying in a few years so I thought I might oblige, plus, we have a plethora of clowns running around scaring the crap out of people and what could be more metal than that!  13 tracks that will not only melt the faces of all your trick-or-treaters, but could give heart attack inducing paralysis to the finest upstanding adults in your neighborhood (with a couple fun ones mixed in for good measure). Enjoy, and happy haunting!

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