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Top 50 Songs Of 2015: Part 4

December 3, 2015


We’re nearing the end of my Top 50 Songs of 2015 list!  Ah!  Check out entries 20-11 down below.  Enjoy.

- 50-41
- 40-31
- 30-21

20)  :FIDLAR – 40oz. On Repeat:  There’s a pretty solid chance that this FIDLAR track is the year’s most relatable song.  Now, let’s have drink some alcohol, it’ll make us who we really want to be.  From Too.

19)  :Screaming Females – Criminal Image:  This is one of my favorite Screaming Females tunes.  It’s got a big, meaty riff and frontwoman Marissa Paternoster sounds indestructible.  From Rose Mountain.

18)  :Modest Mouse – Lampshades On Fire:  Out of all the quality songs on Modest Mouse’s latest album, this one is my favorite.  For whatever reason, I dig that it essentially sounds like Dashboard: Part 2.  From Strangers To Ourselves.

17)  :Conner Youngblood – Stockholm:  This track from Conner Youngblood is hypnotizing.  You just have to love the way he uses the harp here.  From The Generation Of Lift EP.

16)  :Leon Bridges – River:  Leon Bridges absolutely blew up this year, and I like to think it was largely because of this stunning slow burner.  What a song.  From Coming Home.

15)  :Bop English – Dani’s Blues (It Was Beyond Our Control):  James Petralli (of White Denim fame) is Bop English.  There’s a playful, retro pop sound on display here that’s really great.  From Constant Bop.

14)  :Diet Cig – Harvard:  Diet Cig’s front-lady Alex Luciano is in full-on bitter mode throughout this track, and it’s fantastic.  I hope she never loses that sarcastic edge of hers.  From the Over Easy EP.

13)  :Titus Andronicus – Dimed Out:  Whenever I want to jump around like a madman in my living room, I put on this sloppy jam from Titus Andronicus.  It’s such a raucous good time.  From The Most Lamentable Tragedy.

12)  :Mos Def – Sensei On The Block (Featuring Ski Beatz):  This song is vintage Mos Def (in the best of ways), and it totally makes me yearn for his pre-Yasiin Bey days.  From the land of one-off tracks.

11)  :Purity Ring – Push Pull:  I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about Purity Ring’s sophomore album – some of it works for me, some of it doesn’t.  This beautiful number is definitely the best track on it.  From Another Eternity.

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Quickdraw: Mos Def, Giraffage And Slow Magic, Small Black, The Mantles, Speedy Ortiz

August 31, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:Mos Def – Sensei On The Block (Featuring Ski Beatz):  Oh man.  This track is old school Mos Def, and I just love the hell out of it.  Let’s get him to ditch that whole Yasiin Bey thing so that he can get back to being rad full-time.  The Sensei On The Beat single is out now via iTunes.

:Giraffage And Slow Magic – So Cute:  Giraffage and Slow Magic are about to hit the road together, so they’ve gone and collaborated to get everyone all worked up about it.  This spunky song is a lot of fun.  See both acts at Fun Fun Fun Fest in November.

:Small Black – No One Wants It To Happen To You:  What a beautiful synth pop effort this is.  Be sure to slap on some headphones before you hit play!  Small Black’s Best Blues is due out October 16 via Jagjaguwar.  See them at Sidewinder on October 16.

:The Mantles – Doorframe:  It was a pleasant surprise late last week when The Mantles announced a new album.  I’ve always loved their hazy, breezy pop sound.  All Odds End is due out October 16 via Slumberland.

:Speedy Ortiz – Hanging Around (Cardigans Cover):  I’m not familiar with the original version of this song (my Cardigans knowledge is pretty much limited to their hits), so as far as I can tell Speedy Ortiz totally nailed this cover of it!  Seriously though, I think this is really good.  This is a one-off effort, so grab it while you can.

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Show Of The Week

July 8, 2015


This week I’m cheating a bit and recommending two shows.  Both are at the Mohawk on Friday though, and if you pay for the early one you can stay for the late one.  Bam!  What a deal.  So what are the two shows?  The early one is Mos Def (or Yasiin Bey, as he’s currently known) doing all of the now 15-years old Black On Both Sides, and the late show is the always interesting Juan Waters on the inside stage.  Get out there and indulge!

By the way, if you’re hungry for something local and bit more underground, here are six shows worth checking out this week.

1) ThursdayMagna Carda with Blue The Misfit, P-Tek, DJ Chorizo Funk at Holy Mountain
2) FridayBig Bill, Sailor Poon, Basketball Shorts, Popper Burns at The Swan Dive
3) FridayWiretree and San Saba County at Lamberts
4) Friday/SaturdayMellowfest II at Empire Control Room And Garage
5) SaturdayGrape St., John Wesley Coleman, Mitch Frazier and the Vibe at The Swan Dive
6) SaturdayNOTAFEST with Hikes, Young Tongue, Megafauna, Wildcat Apollo, The Human Circuit, Casual Strangers, Borrisokane at the Mohawk

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