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Monster Treasure (Noah)

May 21, 2014

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Briana Granados and Rachel Orima’s voices aren’t what you usually associate with the sort of fuzz-laden sonic wave they lay down behind them. There’s a certain smoothness in the duel lead singers voices that, in the wrong hands, could clash with the grungier, more unchecked hum of the track Wake Up. As the act Monster Treasure, Granados and Orima seemed to have missed that bulletin. Laid over a churning sea of guitars and persistent drumming, the more melodic aspects of their voices resonate, filling in the sonic gaps and creating an unabashedly catchy little bit of punk grit. There’s an almost dry wit to the flat tone of the vocals on the track, the two singers choosing to let the power of their voices propel the song without the frivolities of high notes of solos. This is lo-fi punk rock done right – two minutes and twenty seconds of hard guitars and polished singing, no bullshit included.

:Monster Treasure – Wake Up:

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