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Mind Spiders (Dan)

May 6, 2016


As I was deciding which band to write about I reviewed the albums I’ve had on heavy rotation. Prosthesis by Mind Spiders was an obvious choice, but I worried I’d written about them too much already. So I went back through my posts and realized I hadn’t done a proper post on Mind Spiders since the Fall of 2013! That’s WAY too long! Such an amazing band deserves much more attention than that. So listen up!

Mind Spiders began essentially as a one man act but over the years it has developed into a full fledged band. The current lineup includes Mark Ryan (guitar, songwriter), Daniel Fried (Bass), Mike Throneberry (drums) and Peter Salisbury (synth). For fans of punk and garage rock, the lineup is a supergroup featuring members of brilliant bands such as Marked Men, Radioactivity, High Tension Wires, Bad Sports, and Video.

Prosthesis is the fourth album in the last five years from the Fort Worth-based band. Their previous records have been critically acclaimed by outlets such as Pitchfork, New York Times, NPR, Spin, Paste, and your mom. This latest release is more forbidding and dark than past albums but it’s no less engaging and catchy. The synths and keyboards are given a more prominent role alongside the always snarling guitars, and the result is a collection of ominous and beat heavy brand of space psych-rock.

I can’t say enough about Prosthesis. This is Mind Spiders at their finest as they continue to explore and evolve. If this is their apex than it’s an achievement worth noting, but considering the output of the band thus far, it’s probably premature to say they’ve already peaked.

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Quickdraw: Mind Spiders, Twin Peaks, White Denim, Tangerine, Yuck

February 2, 2016


Music!  Enjoy.

:Mind Spiders – Cold:  This new one from Mind Spiders is the best post punk song I’ve heard in who knows how long.  I can’t take it off repeat.  Prosthesis is due out March 11 via Dirtnap.

:Twin Peaks – Walk To The One You Love:  Twin Peaks have assembled a third full length, and this charming garage pop number is the first single off of it.  I like how comfortable it sounds.  Down In Heaven is due out May 13 via Grand Jury.  You’ll be able to see the band at Levitation in April/May.

:White Denim – Ha Ha Ha Ha (Yeah):  “I need you like bacon needs eggs.”  Even if this song wasn’t a total blast of retro-enthused fun, I’d still be into it because of that one lyric.  White Denim will release Stiff on March 25 via Downtown.  You can see the band this Thursday at C-Boys Heart & Soul.

:Tangerine – Sunset:  Whenever I listen to this song two things pop into my head – “What an infectious effort!” and “Why in the world haven’t I ever paid any attention to Tangerine?”.  The Sugar Teeth EP is due out February 19 via Swoon.

:Yuck – Cannonball:  Here’s a quickie (that’s somehow not a Breeders’ cover) from Yuck.  It’s fuzzy and loud, and I’m really into it.  Stranger Things is due out February 26.

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Radioactivity (Dan)

October 30, 2013


The newest addition to Dirtnap Records is one with a few familiar faces. Radioactivity was formed by Jeff Burke, the front man for The Marked Men, and he then recruited Texas garage rock heroes Mark Ryan (The Marked Men, Mind Spiders) and Gregory Rutherford (Bad Sports, Mind Spiders) to fill out the roster.

The band just released their brilliant self-titled LP, which is as close to punk rock perfection as you’ll see this year. It features thirteen ferocious jams that are sure to please not only The Marked Men fans out there but anyone who loves power pop and power chords. As proof these guys are not fucking around, they have already announced that another album will be released in the not too distant future!

The band is currently touring Europe, but here’s hoping they add some Texas stops to the schedule very soon.

:Radioactivity – Locked In My Head:
:Radioactivity – World Of Pleasure:

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Mind Spiders, Markov (Dan)

September 18, 2013


Mind Spiders are back with their third LP in as many years. On October 8 they will release Inhumanistic on Dirtnap Records. Their two previous releases, a self-titled LP and Meltdown, were highly lauded, and Inhumanistic is sure to draw much acclaim as well. The band, lead by Mark Ryan (Marked Men), have scaled back from six members to just four, but they have certainly not lost any of their energy or creativity. They continue to explore science fiction themes in short, brilliant bursts as exemplified by the first single off the new record, Make Make Make Make.

:Mind Spiders – Make Make Make Make:

An Austin band I’ve admired over the past four years is calling it quits … maybe. Markov is going on indefinite hiatus and their set on Friday night at Red 7 is being billed as their last. The band has a fervent, frantic, and furious style that’s a mix between Fugazi and At The Drive-In. In other words, they’re pretty great. So head out to Red 7 on Friday and pour one out for Markov! Also on the bill are Phantom Lakes,  Pswingset, and Bad Chapters.

:Markov – Warm Arms:

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Dan’s Top 5 Albums Of 2012

December 12, 2012


Considering I listen to roughly ten new albums each week on Spotify, it’s not easy narrowing down my list of top albums to just five. While my favorite album was determined months ago, the rest of the top 5 and my honorable mentions list has fluctuated greatly. However, after much internal debate, shuffling of positions, and a far amount of procrastination, I present my top albums of 2012.

5. Imperial China – How We Connect

The second album from my favorite DC band was released in January of this the year. It contains all the things I loved about their first record – lots of searing guitars and swirling synths layered over pummeling percussion – but the new record also shows a marked growth in their sound. This is a tight record that balances musicianship, experimental elements, and sonic intensity. Add it all together and you have a stand out record from a band that has truly distinguished itself on the DC music scene.

:Imperial China – Ljos:

4. Cloud NothingsAttack On Memory

There’s just something about this indie-punk record that I instantly loved. It’s a throwback to bands like Fugazi and Nirvana that mixed fuzz-rock and punk with a pop aesthetic. The record is full of hooks, anthemic tracks, loud drums, and each song is distinguished by Dylan Baldi’s off-kilter yet charming  vocals. What’s not to love?

:Cloud Nothings – Stay Useless:

3. Mind SpidersMeltdown

While the first Mind Spiders record was basically a solo project of Mark Ryan (Marked Men), Meltdown was recorded with a full band and the bigger, more expansive sound is apparent. The lo-fi psychedelic tracks are gone and there are fewer quick hitting punk-pop jams. Meltdown is an expansive record with influences ranging from Jay Reatard to Brian Eno while still retaining the garage rock core that I love so much.

:Mind Spiders – Wait For Us:


There are a lot of garage rock bands out there vying for our attention, but only one can be King of Rock Mountain, and that king is the OBN IIIs. I didn’t think it possible for them to top their last album, The Only And Only, yet they managed to do just that.

:OBN IIIs – People Are Afraid:

1. Lace Curtains – The Garden Of Joy And The Well Of Loneliness

I’m still blown away by what Michael Coomer (Harlem) accomplished with The Garden Of Joy And The Well Of Loneliness. Based on Harlem’s records I expected fun and goofy garage rock. Instead he delivered brilliant pop music that was heartfelt and honest. A personal and authentic album about regrets, confessions, apologies, and sex. Such lyrics usually mean a heavy or dark feel but Coomer manages a breezy laid back vibe that only magnifies the charm of the record.

:Lace Curtains – High Fantasy:

Honorable Mentions:
Ty Segall – Slaughterhouse
Metz – Metz
The White Wires – WWIII
Yellow Ostrich – Strange Land
Divine Fits – A Thing Called Divine Fits

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