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Meat Market (Noah)

March 11, 2015


There’s an enjoyably listless quality to Meat Market’s new single. Where in typical pop songs you might find your catchiness in sugar-sweet pop melodies, cranked to 10 and then blasted on repeat, Meat Market goes the opposite direction – burying a single melodic riff under a current of sludge, and then half-heartedly crooning lyrics over the top of it. On occasion, a brief spell near the end of the song, they rip into some slo-mo type solos, but for the majority of the song it’s just one churning, low-speed riff and stoner vocals. And it’s fantastic. It somehow makes me think of Blink-182, but without the candy sheen they liked to smear all over their brand of pop-punk. Catchy but not obnoxious, not trying to be catchy. Instead, Meat Market finds the right riff (and let me tell you, it’s not a particularly complex one) and mix it with the right blend of low energy singing to create a song that sticks deep down in your grey matter.

:Meat Market – Hole:

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