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Stream This

September 19, 2014


From the depths of the SOTO inbox, I present to you your weekly serving of the latest and greatest album streams and videos.  Enjoy.


Please note that the majority of the streams expire as soon as the albums come out, so don’t wait too long to check them out.

ALBUM OF THE WEEK ➡ Perfume Genius – Too Bright

Alex Napping – This Is Not A Bedroom
Spray Paint – Clean Blood, Regular Acid
S – Cool Choices
Whirr – Sway
Terry Malts – Insides EP
Dntel – Human Voice
Foxes In Fiction – Ontario Gothic
Tweedy – Sukierae
Mr. Twin Sister – Self Titled
King Tuff – Black Moon Spell
Sondre Lerche – Please
Alt-J – This Is All Yours
Black Moth – Condemned To Hope
Erasure – The Violent Flame
Suicide Year – Remembrance
Youth Code – A Place To Stand
The Aislers Set – The Last Match
Goat – Commune
Leonard Cohen – Popular Problems
Mapei – Hey Hey
Weird Wombs – Laziness EP
Pink Frost – Traitors EP
Teach Me Equals – Knives In The Hope Chest
Redinho – Self Titled
Roz And The Rice Cakes – Need To Feed


The Raveonettes

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Quickdraw: Maps, Cymbals Eat Guitars, Destruction Unit, Mazes, Woods

June 30, 2014


Music!  Enjoy.

:Maps – To The Sky (M83 Remix):  I spent a lot of time with this remix over the weekend.  I just really dig the way M83 warped it into something that’s incredibly atmospheric.  On August 19 Mute will release Maps Realigned, which consists of remixes from Maps’ first three full lengths.

:Cymbals Eat Guitars – Chambers:  The single that Cymbals Eat Guitars recently put out is a fantastic track, but this second one is just something else entirely – a total leap forward for them.  Hard to not think the band will really blow up once they release Lose on August 26 via Barsuk.  See them at Red 7 on October 8.

:Destruction Unit – Dust:  Here’s a super solid rock number that Destruction Unit did for Adult Swim’s 2014 Singles Program, which has been rumbling along now for about a month.  If you haven’t already, you should go check out what’s been released so far.

:Mazes – Astigmatism:  It hasn’t even been a full year since Mazes put out a full length, but here they already with a follow-up.  This first track off of it is upbeat, fun and loose.  I like it a lot.  Look for Wooden Aquarium on September 9 via FatCat Records.

:Woods – Tomorrow’s Only Yesterday:  Earlier this year Woods put out a solid album, With Light And With Love, and now they’re following it up with the Tambourine Light 7″ on July 8 via Captured Tracks.  This catchy piece of psychedelia is the b-side on that release.  See Woods at Holy Mountain on August 20.

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Quickdraw: Best Coast, The Callas, Mazes, Daytona, Cass McCombs

September 23, 2013

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Today’s music knows where you live.  Enjoy.

:Best Coast – I Don’t Know How:  I’ve never really found myself totally in love with Best Coast, but I seriously can’t get enough of this (admittedly somewhat sappy) pop tune.  I’ve been singing the damn thing for days now.  The band’s mini-album, Fade Away, will be out October 22 via Bethany Cosentino’s Jewel City Label.

:The Callas – Anger:  I feel like I should already know about The Callas (you know, since they’ve been around for a decade), but this meaty track is my first time hearing them.  Shame on me.  Am I Vertical? is due out November 18 through Inner Ear.

:Mazes – Hayfever Wristband:  It’s possible my brain isn’t working, but I don’t remember Mazes ever sounding this frenetic.  I dig it.  A lot.  Here’s hoping there’s more of the same on Better Ghosts.  The mini-album is expected out on November 21 via FatCat Records.

:Daytona – The Road:  Here’s a new one from Daytona that swells and shimmers in a way that immediately puts a skip in my step.  Nothing wrong with that, right?  The band’s self titled debut is due out November 19 via the Ernest Jenning Recording Co.

:Cass McCombs – Brighter! (Featuring Karen Black):  If you’ve never listened to much Karen Black, then you can probably count on this beautiful track inspiring you to give the late singer some of your time.  Cass McComb’s 22-track effort, Big Wheel And Others, is due out October 15 via Domino Records.  He’ll play the Belmont on November 22.

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Stream This

February 8, 2013


The SOTO inbox is always full of cool stuff that never gets to see the light of day on the actual site, and I’d like to change that.  So, every Friday I’ll be posting the best album streams and videos that were sent my way during the week.  Take a scroll and find something worth remembering.


Maston – Shadows
Texas Is The Reason – Do You Know Who We Are?
Lisa Germano – No Elephants
Screaming Females – Chalk Tape
Jacco Gardner – Cabinet Of Curiosities


Unknown Mortal Orchestra play the Mohawk on February 20.  II is out now.

Frightened Rabbit just released Pedestrian Verse.  This song is the b-side off the Woodpile single.

Odesza’s Summer’s Gone is available now.

Cadence Weapon put out Hope In Dirty City last year.

Liars released WIXIW last year.

Ex-Cops just released True Hallucinations.

Hundred Waters have a self titled album that’s currently available.

Mazes will put out Ores & Minerals on February 12 via FatCat Records.

Black Books will release the Aquarena EP on February 11.

Rhye is expected to release Woman on March 4 via Polydor.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds will put out Push The Sky Away on February 19.

Sweet Baboo will release Ships on April 23 via Moshi Moshi.

Little Tybee are set to release  For Distant Viewing on April 9 via Paper Garden Records.

The Little Ones will put out The Dawn Sang Along on February 12 via the Branches Recording Collective.

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Quickdraw: El Perro Del Mar, The Little Ones, Mazes, The Blistering Speeds, Big Boi

November 12, 2012


Today’s music could use a little more time in the gym.  Enjoy.

:El Perro Del Mar – Hold Off The Dawn:  There are few things that are as pleasant as Sarah Assbring’s glorious voice.  It just swirls around like nothing else.  Do yourself a favor and turn this one up loud.  The Control Group will release Pale Fire tomorrow.

:The Little Ones – Argonauts:  To be honest, I thought this indie pop act had called it quits.  Here they are though, and sounding really good.  Nice to see that they’re still kicking.  The band will release The Dawn Sang Along on February 12 via Branches Recording Collective.

:Mazes – Bodies:  Considering that its runtime is nearly seven minutes, this track just flies by.  If you prefer your extended jams to be tight and focused, then I think you’ll find a lot to like in this psych-enthused effort.  You’ll be able to pick up Ores & Minerals on February 12 via Fat Cat Records.

:The Blistering Speeds – Travelers:  A few weeks back I got an email from the Midgetmen telling me to give this band a listen.  So, I did, and what I found was some really solid 90s style rock.  Prepare yourself, a need to dig up old indie rock albums is about to sweep over you.  Casablanca Is A State Of Mind is due out tomorrow via Star Dot Star Records.

:Big Boi – Lines (Featuring A$AP Rocky And Phantogram):  This song is all over the place, and I love it.  I think I’ll always be impressed with the way that Big Boi has chugged along doing his own thing for so long.  Def Jam will release Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors on December 11.

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