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Quickdraw: Bully, Male Gaze, BLXPLTN, Peach Kelli Pop, Ume

March 16, 2015


Music!  Enjoy.

:Bully – I Remember:  Get ready to want to climb onto Bully’s bandwagon (if you’re not there already, of course).  This gem is a fuzz-filled scorcher, and I love it.  No word yet on an album, but I assume an official announcement will come soon.

:Male Gaze – Gale Maze:  The debut LP from Male Gaze seems to be flying way under the radar, and it shouldn’t be.  They’re great.  I advise that you take this rad slice of indie rock and share it with everyone.  Gale Maze is due out on March 23 via Castle Face.

:BLXPLTN – No Fly List:  Over the last year or so BLXPLTN have really become one of my favorite acts in Austin.  As you’ll hear in this track, they’re immensely intense and fierce.  The band will put out their sophomore full length later this year.

:Peach Kelli Pop – Plastic Love:  The arrival of this sugary sweet pop tune from Peach Kelli Pop has firmly slapped their upcoming album on my anticipated list.  They really know how to craft a hook.  Look for III on April 21 via Burger Records.

:Ume – Too Big World:  Ume’s frontwoman Lauren Larson is on the verge of having a kiddo, so I figured we wouldn’t hear from the band for a while.  I was wrong.  This track reminds has a Metric-esque sound that I think is great.  The Too Big World EP is due out April 7 via Dangerbird Records.

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Male Gaze (Noah)

July 16, 2014


I’ll be honest, I’ve been worried about San Francisco’s music scene. I think we all have. Ty Segall moved to Los Angeles, quickly followed by John Dwyer and the indefinite hiatus of Thee Oh Sees (though it wouldn’t seem so by their continued prolific album output). Oh we’ve still got Grass Widow, and their solo projects, a few scattered albums by The Fresh & Onlys and Tim Cohen’s solo project Magic Trick, and a few up-and-coming purveyors of thrashy tunes (Tony Molina comes to mind) to lean on when the times are really tough, but for the most part the music scene I dropped into five years ago seems to have gone the way of the dodo. Musically, San Francisco is up in the air right now, and I can’t really tell what it’s going to look like when it finally lands. I will say, there could still be hope, especially if bands like Male Gaze continue to knock out solid tunes like Cliffs of Madness. The band, made up of Matt Jones from Blasted Canyons, Mark Kaiser of Mayyors and Adam Cimino of The Mall, plays a meaty version of the type of genre-pushing garage rock San Francisco used to be known for. This isn’t just fuzz and fight though, Male Gaze adds a layer of weird that pushes the sound to a different layer. Discordant guitars grapple with a heavy-hitting, flighty rhythm section and Matt Jones warbling, David Bowie-esque vocal range. It’s loose and loud and smack dab in the middle of weird and downright fun. This might just be the shot in the arm the current humdrum state of San Francisco music needs to help right its course.

Male Gaze has a 7″ out now on Mt. St. Mtn. and a full release from John Dwyer’s Castle Face on the way.

:Male Gaze – Cliffs Of Madness:

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