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Magic Trick (Noah)

November 21, 2013


I don’t actually know how many times I’ve written about Magic Trick on this website, let alone The Fresh & Onlys, or some other strange and wonderful side project from this prolific San Franciscan. Magic Trick seems, to place words and feelings on another person, the most intensely personal for Tim Cohen. Each album has some sort of dramatic chapter that uses long form narrative or a collection of story-like “songs” to further an idea or to delve deeper in to some new bit of emotional explanation. To say the least, it is miles away from the cruising, psychedelic, pop of The Fresh & Onlys. There’s an almost hell-bent country twang to the single Crazy Teeth – a sort of rollicking guitar line with Cohen’s everyman sing-song echoing above it, with the barest hint of female vocals just peeking out from behind the saloon doors. This third release from Magic Trick seems to step out of the corridors of weirdness a bit, but don’t fret, this is certainly a Tim Cohen effort with┬áthe wind-tunnel feel that overtakes Crazy Teeth or the dour bit of strings that bleeds in to the sunny pop of Come Inside. Tim Cohen, it’s nice to have you back.

:Magic Trick – Crazy Teeth:
:Magic Trick – Come Inside:

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