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Movie Breakdown: Magic Mike XXL

June 30, 2015


The Impression:

Channing Tatum’s abs are BACK.  And his friend’s abs have also returned!  Plus, for fun, there are never before seen abs from a new set of pals.  ABS!

The Reality:

I’m not a big fan of the initial Magic Mike.  I suppose you could say it’s not a film that’s for me (my list of approved dance movies is probably, like, four deep), but mostly I just don’t care for its overly-dramatic and silly story – sad stripper Channing wants to make custom furniture but he can’t stop taking his clothes off.  Ha!

In all honesty, Magic Mike XXL isn’t any less ridiculous story-wise – Channing and friends road trip it one last time to Myrtle Beach for an annual stripper convention – but it’s much less dramatic and a whole lot more fun than the original.  Essentially, and just hear me out here, director Gregory Jacobs and writer Reid Carolin have twisted it into the lady-oriented version of the Fast And Furious series, and it works.  The film is very well aware of exactly what it is, and just like the F&F series, its main focus is cleverly shoving its charismatic cast from one elaborate dance (instead of action, duh) scene to another.  I found it to be an interesting shift for the series, and I actually walked out wondering when the next crazy entry might come along.

No matter who you are, if you’re on the hunt for a dose of fun, then my recommendation is that you check out Magic Mike XXL.  Be warned though, my screening was loaded with women who were so rowdy I wasn’t sure if they had ever seen a shirtless man before.  Ever.  It was insane.  So maybe determine exactly how much fun you’re willing to put up with before you buy tickets for a showing during opening weekend.

The Lesson:

Keep working it, Channing.  I’ll help you pick up all of the dollar bills whenever you’re done.

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