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Les Zombies (Single Premiere)

June 26, 2015


Because I haven’t already spent enough time this week trying to convince you to go to the Blackheart tomorrow night, I’m here today with one final push via Les Zombies.  The fairly new band (they formed last year) are set to play at 8pm, and SOTO is premiering their new single with the expectation that you’ll use it as a reason to roll out to the show early to see them.  As for the Mike McCarthy-produced track, it’s a nice slice of indie pop that features some compelling voice work by Alexandra Anthony and a steady-paced, well-layered arrangement.  You’re going to like it.  Enjoy.

:Les Zombies – Unravel:

Do yourself a favor and check out the band’s Soundcloud page for some other tunes.  And for the 40th time, come to the Blackheart tomorrow.  Free show!

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