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Caitlin’s Celebration Of Jimmy Eat Wednesday

July 1, 2016


Welcome to 2003! The aptly-named Jimmy Eat Wednesday is pretty much the only the night where you can find crowd surfing and mosh pits at Barbarella, and if that doesn’t excite you, well … just stop reading now. This ridiculously awesome DJ-night features four hours of the best emo and pop-punk music to grace our ears over the past two decades. This is not an event for the radio-station lovin’ bro.

While the set leans more towards pop-punk for most of the night (it is a young crowd after all), you will hear emo* jams from the likes of Knapsack and Braid, to the chart topping hits of Panic at the Disco and Fall Out Boy, to some newer spins from bands like You Blew It! and The Front Bottoms. There is undoubtedly something for everyone. If you can’t handle the literal heat in Barbarella, you can always head next door to Swan Dive and catch a myriad of local bands playing original hits and pop-punk covers all night- FOR FREE.

I’m always shocked when I find out that someone doesn’t know about Jimmy Eat Wednesday, but I have to remind myself that because MY life revolves around a weird 10-year niche of music, doesn’t mean everyone else’s does too. At Jimmy Eat Wednesday though, you will learn that you are not the only weirdo who still knows every word to both vocal lines in Taking Back Sunday’s Cute Without the E.

The monthly DJ night is celebrating its one year anniversary on Wednesday July 6 (that’s this upcoming Wednesday), and I could not be more stoked. To help YOU get just as stoked, I’ve cooked up a little playlist sampling some of my** favorite emo and pop-punk hits.

*The term “emo” has been long-debated, but luckily this site should help you clear up any confusion.

**Does not include My Chemical Romance.

Thanks all,

Caitlin DeWeese

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